The 7 best cabins in Minecraft

The 7 best cabins in Minecraft

They say home is where the heart is, and that statement couldn’t be more true than in the hugely successful process of creating Mojang. Yes, while there are a ton of super fun things to do in Minecraft, building your home from scratch to something special is definitely one of the most satisfying. However, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering what The best huts in minecraft look like. Well, we have selected some of the best Minecraft huts for your viewing pleasure. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

gingerbread hut

The best huts in Minecraft

Don’t worry, there is no witch hiding in this gingerbread house! Instead, all your candy-filled dreams will come true when you step foot into this beautiful gingerbread hut.

With candy canes, lollipops, jawbreakers, and every sweet treat you can think of, all under one roof, well, technically it is the ceiling, but I’m drifting: the only thing you’ll be worried about is the sudden sugar crash from all that sugary, delicious goodness.

cabin in the woods

The best huts in Minecraft

For those looking for a quieter home away from home, the cabin in the woods might be the one for you. Yes, this secluded forest retreat is cute and cozy in equal measure.

Sit back, relax and enjoy all that beautiful nature with this stunning cabin in the woods. Not only is it elegant in its minimalist design, but its muted, homey colors look surprisingly eye-catching. Also, it’s not a super complex build to pull off, which is always a plus.

Coastal Cabin

The best huts in Minecraft

Unlock your inner Zen as you listen to the waves lapping on the shore, while soaking up the sun’s rays in-game. Often referred to as the beach house, this seaside cottage is a fairly easy build that’s also very quiet and relaxing to visit.

Check out the multicolored rug under the outside conservatory for all you late-nighters who like to sleep under the stars. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep under the stars, right?

mushroom hut

The best huts in Minecraft

The best cabins in Minecraft, Mushroom Cottage
Image source: minecraft planet

If you’re more of a… fun guy (get it?), then this build should be perfect for you. That’s right, this mushroom shack has everything you need in one, well… Cap.

Like a real-life mushroom, there’s more to this cabin than meets the eye, as much of the living room can spread out and grow underground, if you choose. Plus, you can always jump on it at your leisure and pretend you’re Mario. The possibilities are truly endless!

among us cabin

The best huts in Minecraft

The best Minecraft huts, between us
Image source: Skrynnik Dima via YouTube

Another fairly straightforward build is this eye-catching hut that replicates the iconic look of the spacemen at the heart of Innersloth’s deduction hit, Among Us.

Note the pretty clever entry on the right and left leg so you can sneakily sneak back home to catch some Zs when no one else is looking. Yeah, while this Among Us hut might look pretty fishy, ​​it’s also safe to say that it looks pretty cool too!

fairy tale cabin

The best huts in Minecraft

Drawing inspiration from the classic fairy tales of our youth, this charming country house is a stunning combination of traditional wooden architecture and the vintage aesthetics of days gone by. Not only does it come packed with its own waterwheel, but it’s also highly customizable and a pretty easy build too.

Oh, and if you put up a sign out front, you could instantly transform this construction into a quaint country pub serving the best pint in town, which is always a big plus in our books.

winter cabin

The best huts in Minecraft

Image source: foli via YouTube

Probably the coziest and most comfortable cottage on the entire list, this winter cottage is the perfect getaway for those looking for a more romantic and peaceful home.

Here’s a tip, though: Roast some chestnuts over an open fire and let Jack Frost nibble your toes, and you’ll be instantly transported to a Christmas cabin in the snow filled with carols, merriment, and laughter. No problem!

There you have it. We hope you have enjoyed our selections for the The best country houses in Minecraft. For more Minecraft related content, check out these Bedroom Ideas, Underground Base Ideas, or the What’s New in The Wild update. Alternatively, feel free to read the relevant links below.

Featured Image Source: zaypizel via YouTube

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