Featuring Forspoken, Project Eve, Resident Evil 4 2023 and more

Featuring Forspoken, Project Eve, Resident Evil 4 2023 and more

The next PlayStation State of Play in June is set to be exciting. It was confirmed that the 30-minute presentation will focus on reveals from third-party partners and will also provide a sneak peek at games in development for PlayStation VR2.

A recent leak that supposedly showed off the full roster for the event has revealed a star-studded roster of games that are sure to get fans excited. Although the list doesn’t include a couple of the big names fans were hoping to see, the ones that have made the cut are pretty exciting.

As with all leaks and rumours, readers are advised to take it with a grain of salt. One can’t be sure what the final list of titles will be until the event begins and the clips start circulating.

PlayStation State of Play in June was speculated to feature a number of exciting titles

The list provided by the Xbox_Serious_X|S Twitter account has been marked as a rumor by the account. Regardless, the roster looks pretty authentic, as others have pointed out, and fits with the aforementioned focus on third-party partners and PlayStation VR2.

The list includes the following titles:

  • Project Destructive – Announcement Trailer
  • Stray – Final Trailer
  • Street Fighter 6 – First Trailer
  • Project Eva – Trailer
  • Forspoken – Story Trailer
  • Little Devil Inside – Gameplay Trailer
  • Tchia – Story Trailer
  • PlayStation VR 2: Overview – Video
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 + PlayStation VR2 – Announcement Trailer
  • Resident Evil Village: Last Hopes Update + PlayStation VR2 – Gameplay Trailer
  • Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora + PlayStation VR2 = Gameplay Trailer
  • Daemonium + PlayStation VR2 – Announcement Trailer
  • Resident Evil 4 2023 – Preview

Fans will be really intrigued to see the two standalone titles, Stray and Little Devil Inside, mentioned on the list. Its unique gameplay possibilities have drawn the attention of gamers and they have been waiting for a long time for updates on it. Supposedly, Stray’s release date was also leaked on the PlayStation database.

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The most exciting mentions in the leak are Project Eve, Forspoken, and Resident Evil 4 2023. The official reveal trailer for the Project Eve hack-and-slash was unveiled earlier last year in September by PlayStation. The fast paced action of it caught the attention of gamers and they are eager to know more about the title.

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Forspoken was delayed because the developers wanted to do justice to the title’s promise and deliver on player expectations. Fans will be eagerly waiting to see what the developers have in store for them.

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. The game is one of the most popular titles in the series and the developers are likely trying to get it right. So a sneak peek at Resident Evil 4 is the perfect way to wrap up June’s State of the Game.

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The State of Play will also showcase a host of titles coming to PlayStation VR2. Players will be excited to see how the four games mentioned in the leak – CoD MW 2, RE: Village, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, and Daemonium – look at the upcoming event.

Players can watch the State of Play live on PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch channels on June 2. The event will kick off at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern/12:00am CET (June 3)/3:30am Eastern. /7:00 a.m. JST (June 3).

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