Dr Disrespect Hosts $100,000 Fortnite Tournament With Strict Rules For Twitch Streamers

Dr Disrespect Hosts 0,000 Fortnite Tournament With Strict Rules For Twitch Streamers

Dr. Disrespect is holding a Fortnite tournament, placing a bet of $100,000 as the price.

However, not all participants play the same game with the same set of rules. And this is deeply felt by the Twitch streamers participating in Dr. Disrespect’s tournament.

Guy Beahm, known as Dr. Disrespect, was once the most famous game streamer on Twitch until he was permanently banned from the platform in 2020.

Dr. Disrespect Tournament

Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch, which means that other streamers on the platform cannot play with the celebrity or feature her on their streams. Streamers participating in their Fortnite tournament are now facing a hurdle as a result of this situation.

Full Squad Gaming member Jake Lucky provided a summary of the Twitch Community Guidelines, which BoomTV had posted internally.

Boom TV, the company hosting the event, has provided a list of rules specifying that Twitch streamers must mute Dr. Disrespect in-game, refrain from showing him on stream, and only refer to him by nicknames like “the two Times Champion” to avoid breaking the Twitch Community Guidelines.

Some Twitter users have linked this scenario to one of the famous lines from the movie “Harry Potter” when the characters should not name their enemy, they call him “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

According to IGN, Twitch streamers are prohibited from featuring or advertising users who have been previously suspended. He also added: “We understand that there may be instances where suspended users may appear on your stream due to circumstances beyond your control, such as through third party gaming tournaments, but we hope you will make a good faith effort to remove them from their stream, mute them, or limit their interactions with your stream.”

After that, the post provided a list of some helpful tips for getting through the fortnite Twitch streamer tournament:

  • The first tip is to use an alternate name that can be used for Dr. Disrespect, such as “twice” or “Blockbuster video game champion.”
  • Next, when referring to the event, Twitch streamers should say “Hot Shot Duo Drop with Fortnite.”
  • Another rule that these streamers must observe is to mute Dr. Disrespect while playing.
  • Players are also asked to be careful not to display the tournament or support page while streaming.
  • Lastly, Twitch streamers must hide any images, videos, or streams that feature Dr. Disrespect on their stream.

As stated above, these established guidelines fall under the Twitch community suspension evasion, which other streamers must follow.

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Dr. Disrespect Banned From Twitch

Dr. Disrespect first received a temporary ban from the platform in June 2019. While the second and final ban was handed to him in 2020.

As previously reported on iTech Post, Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest names on Twitch, which made his ban so controversial and complicated at the same time. He added that, according to him, the streaming platform did not report or communicate before or after any guidelines that were exceeded to warrant its definitive suspension.

In one of his broadcasts, he revealed that he knew the reason for the matter and that he had taken legal action against Twitch. However, just a couple of months ago, Dr. Disrespect tweeted that he is now “moving on.”

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