Call of Duty 2024 should take Nuketown in a bold new direction

Call of Duty 2024 should take Nuketown in a bold new direction

While the Obligations The series is packed with iconic multiplayer maps, none of which can compare to the ever-hectic Nuketown. Remastered more than any other map in the franchise, Nuketown has appeared in every covert operations play. Each time the map appears, it has a different aesthetic, ranging from the theme of the museum of Black Ops 2 to the Russian look of black ops 4.

Despite all the changes made to Nuketown’s appearance over the years, the iconic Obligations map always plays exactly the same, with the exception of the wall race platform in black ops 3. With the following from Treyarch Obligations game, the developer should try to shake up Nuketown’s gameplay instead of just focusing on how it looks. While the map may be timeless to some, others have grown weary of playing it as the lack of significant changes has made it stale. With a new era to covert operations Seemingly just around the corner, big changes are to be seen for Nuketown as well.


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How Treyarch Can Make Nuketown Feel Fresh Again

Perhaps the easiest way to make another version of Nuketown feel different would be to change the layout of the map. After all, players have been fighting around the same two houses for over a decade even though a larger dead end exists outside the play area. Expanding the entire map to allow players to explore the other houses in the neighborhood could be exciting as it would lead to a tiny map becoming more medium. Another option would see the focus shift to two new houses, with the old Nuketown seen off limits.

Another good way to shake things up with Nuketown would be a Champion Hill version of Call of Duty: Vanguard. The mode serves as a tournament-like approach to Gunfight, allowing players to fight in a massive arena divided into multiple sections. Nuketown could be a particularly cool setting for this mode, with players fighting in four different parts of the cul-de-sac, including the original Nuketown map. Eliminated players could watch the action from helicopters flying overhead or cameras at a faraway base where nuclear tests are being observed, giving the new Champion Hill that much more character.

By making multiple maps out of Nuketown, or simply expanding it into a larger 6v6 map, Treyarch could give players the best of both worlds. If the original Nuketown is part of a larger game space or one of several, Treyarch could break it up into another 6v6 map, calling it Nuketown Classic. This way, players who still enjoy the map could continue to access the Nuketown 24/7 playlist with lots of XP, but players who have been waiting for something new could have a very different version of Nuketown to play.

Nuketown has always stood out when it comes to its Easter eggs, and that shouldn’t be lost on an updated version of the map. From zombified mannequins to Activision retro games to the hidden RC-XD track, Treyarch’s best multiplayer secrets have always been tied to Nuketown. What makes the prospect of a new design for Nuketown so exciting is that the developer would have a different and potentially larger canvas to play on when creating Easter eggs, allowing it to shake things up even more. From larger RC-XD tracks to small missions where players visit every house in the neighborhood, the sky is the limit.

Obviously, there’s a good chance that Treyarch will continue the current trend with their Nuketown remasters, keeping the same layout and only changing the visual design of the map. While this is a safe move, as the map is a classic for a reason, it would be nice to see Treyarch follow in Infinity Ward’s footsteps. With call of duty: modern warfare 2019, Shipment was given a new design, keeping the general look and feel of the original but with a new gameplay style. Nuketown could benefit from a similar approach, with Treyarch making their most popular Obligations map feels new for the first time in years.

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