Why Modern Warfare 2 will likely be the last time PlayStation players get exclusive CoD content

Why Modern Warfare 2 will likely be the last time PlayStation players get exclusive CoD content

the Obligations The franchise has been a dominant powerhouse in the gaming world since the original. Obligations in 2003. His next installment is Obligations: modern warfare 2, not to be confused with the 2009 game of the same name, and a recent modern warfare 2 The teaser trailer confirmed that it will be released this fall. Fans learned that they would be following fan-favorite Simon “Ghost” Riley and other iconic members of Task Force 141 for another adventure. While this direct sequel to 2019 Modern war is highly anticipated, many PlayStation gamers were left wondering what will happen to the platform’s typical exclusive content.


This January, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. This adds quite a few big name titles to Microsoft’s already impressive collection, including headlines like world of warcraft, Supervision, HearthstoneY Obligations. Many were concerned that this acquisition would mean Obligations the games would become Xbox exclusives, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer assured the community that they had a “desire to keep Obligations on Playstation”. As of this writing, it is less clear what the acquisition will mean for the recent pattern of exclusivity. Obligations modes and other content coming to Sony consoles.

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The end of the Call of Duty agreement between Sony and Activision

Since 2014, Playstation users have benefited from owning Sony consoles if they played any. Obligations games. In ways like Modern warfrom the spec ops survival mode that was only playable on PS4 for a year to an exclusive “Onslaught” zombies mode on Black Ops Cold War, In addition to exclusive offers like level skips, in-game packs, and bonus weapon XP, the perks were plentiful. On modern warfare 2CharlieIntel first reported that early access to the beta will be available first for PS4 and PS5, although Activision has not received official confirmation.

Now that Microsoft has gotten Activision Blizzard, it makes sense that the franchise would no longer provide such bonuses for a competitor’s console, which it could. modern warfare 2 the last Obligations game to benefit from Playstation bonuses. By 2026, it seems likely that Microsoft will be in full control as long as negotiations go well, and the deal between Sony and Activision may be scrapped or significantly altered.

Rumors suggest past and future Obligations the games will be available on Xbox Game Pass, which would make them a much smaller investment than the full $60 on PlayStation. many classics Obligations games, including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Y call of duty 2, are now available on Xbox due to backwards compatibility. At the moment, Xbox Game Pass maintains an impressive 25 million monthly subscribers, so adding Obligations to the library of beloved titles that already includes aura, StrengthApex legendsY The ancient scrollss could be a brilliant marketing move. It seems to be more a matter of “when” Obligations will be on Xbox Game Pass, rather than “if” it will be.

With such shocking industry-shaking changes, Xbox and PlayStation fans will have to consider their options to choose which console best suits their interests and is the most financially viable. Still, the Sony-Activision deal may not expire or be significantly changed, as the deal may also be in place for war zone 2which will be released later this year along with modern warfare 2 At this point, only time will tell.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 It will be released on October 28, 2022.

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