The 10 best horror-based FPS games, according to Metacritic

The 10 best horror-based FPS games, according to Metacritic

While the first-person shooter genre has been around since the release of 1970s titles like labyrinth war Y spasm, this subgenre really established itself after the release of the 1993 horror FPS CONDEMN. Although the above Wolfenstein 3D sat down the foundations, CONDEMN built on this foundation to create something that changed gaming history forever.

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with the significance of CONDEMN and other 90s horror FPS titles, it’s no surprise that horror shooters remain some of the best examples of FPS. From the huge selection of great titles, here are some of the best horror based FPS titles according to Metacritic.


10 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – 86

A screenshot from the game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

From one of the franchises that pioneered the survival horror genre, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a 2017 survival horror game and the first installment in the demonic resident series to use a first-person perspective. After receiving a message from her presumed dead wife, Mia, the protagonist, Ethan Winters, travels to a dilapidated plantation to find her. But, once there, he discovers that all the inhabitants have been infected by a mold that transforms them into monsters.

After leaning more into action in the most recent installments, Resident Evil 7 tapped into the franchise’s survival horror roots while keeping some of the over-the-top action. With an emotional and sometimes romantic story and a concise campaign, this entry successfully revived the franchise.

9 DOOM 3 – 88

A couple of demons attack from DOOM 3

After the iconic, and violent for the time, releases of the original CONDEMN Y doom Ii, The id Software development team struggled to create a proper sequel that lived up to the hype. These struggles led to the creation of the Earthquake series, but also led to more than half of the original staff leaving according to stone paper shotgun. Because of this, fans were worried that the CONDEMN series was finished.

Thankfully, the series finally made a comeback with the 2004 survival horror. DOOM 3, which is the first reboot of the franchise. Taking place at a Union Aerospace Corporation research facility on Mars in 2145, the game follows a Space Marine who is forced to battle zombified humans and other monsters after a teleportation test creates a portal to Hell. Featuring advanced graphics for the time, the game successfully brought the series into the modern age.

8 FEAR – 88

A screenshot of the original FEAR

Developed by Monolith Productions, who also worked on the critically acclaimed spy game. Nobody lives forever the Condemned franchises, as well as Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, FEAR First Assault Recon Encounter is a 2005 psychological horror game and the first installment in the FEAR Serie. After a private military company loses control of a powerful psychic, the FEAR unit, which is a fictional supernatural task force in the United States military, is assigned to kill the psychic.

In this task force, the player controls a rookie member known as the Point Man who slowly discovers that he may be connected to the psychic and a mysterious ghost girl named Alma. Due to the game’s excellent AI, detailed particle system, and slow motion gimmick, FEAR it is still considered a classic years later.

7 SUNSET – 88

A screenshot of the game DUSK

While there are plenty of retro-inspired FPS titles out there, none of them are as polished or visually stunning as the Lovecraftian game from 2018. DARKNESS. Sometime after a fictional rural town in Pennsylvania called Dusk is cut off from the outside world by the government, the protagonist, an unnamed treasure hunter, hears rumors of hidden riches within the town and decides to break into it.

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But, he is immediately captured by some of the townspeople who plan to kill him. After escaping from the deadly lodge, he fights through waves of cultists, possessed individuals, and demonic creatures as he makes his way through the city. Eventually, he finds out that everything in the city is caused by a deity named Nyarlathotep.

6 Left 4 Dead 2 – 89

Official Left 4 Dead 2 Character Art

Released in 20094 dead 2 left is a cooperative-focused survival horror FPS that centers around four survivors who must battle hordes of creatures known as the Infected. Since this game was released shortly after the original Left 4 Dead, Fans and critics were initially skeptical, but the game exceeded expectations and remains one of the most loved zombie shooters to this day.

After a worldwide pandemic known as the “green flu”, most humans have been transformed into aggressive zombies and the remaining immune individuals are trying to reach the security areas created by the government. The game follows four survivors named Coach, Nick, Rochelle, and Ellis as they travel to New Orleans, Louisiana. With a massive modding community and the original Left 4 Dead included in the sequel, 4 dead 2 left it’s still an incredibly fun and timeless experience.

5 Subway 2033 Redux – 90

A screenshot of the Metro 2033 Redux game

After working on the Survival Horror FPS RPG STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, some of the developers left GSC Game World to create 4A Games. Using this previous experience, the new studio developed its first game: the 2010 survival horror game. Subway 2033. The success of this title spawned several sequels and a 2015 upgraded version of the original game titled Subway 2033 Redux.

Based on the Russian post-apocalyptic novel. Subway 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the game takes place in 2033 after a nuclear war has forced everyone to live underground. In the tunnels of the Moscow metro, players control a man named Artyom who must protect his home by fighting the things that lurk in the tunnels.

4 System Crash 2 – 92

System Clash 2

Created as a sequel to the 1994 game. System Clash, System Clash 2 is a 1999 action-survival-horror RPG that is extremely influential for its atmosphere and game design. After the evil AI supercomputer SHODAN was thwarted by the first game’s protagonist, TriOptimum went bankrupt for nearly causing the end of the human race, but Russian oligarch Anatoly Korenchkin restored the company and built a new FTL starship called the Von Braun.

During its maiden voyage, the ship becomes infected with parasitic worms that communicate as a psychic hive mind known as “the Many”. As an amnesiac soldier, the player must defeat the Many with the help of another survivor named Dr. Janice Polito.

3 Earthquake – 94

A screenshot of the game Quake

Inspired by lovecraftian and gothic horror, Earthquake it’s the 1996 FPS that came out of id Software trying to do the following CONDEMN delivery. Building on the technology of its predecessor, Earthquake it introduced full real-time 3D rendering and various multiplayer options. With amazing graphics for the time and a unique art style, Earthquake it became a beloved title that led to its own franchise.

While the government is working on a teleportation prototype called “Slipgate”, a creature known as “Quake” connects the portals to his own realm and begins sending armies into the human world to test his abilities. The unnamed protagonist, later to be called “Ranger”, is the last survivor of a counter-attack and must fight his way through the armies to reach and defeat Quake.

two Bioshock-96

A screenshot of the BioShock game

Developed as a spiritual successor to the system crash Serie, bioshock is a 2007 horror FPS that takes the immersive atmosphere system crash was well-known and raises it to 11 with its incredibly detailed environmental storytelling. The game, which takes place in 1960, follows a young man named Jack, who is the sole surviving passenger of a plane crash. Shortly after the accident, Jack discovers the entrance to a ruined underwater city called Rapture.

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As Jack navigates through the mostly destroyed city, he discovers that the city declined after the residents discovered ADAM, which is genetic material from sea slugs that grant superhuman abilities. Using some of these abilities and firearms, Jack fights off various enemies, tries to find a way to escape, and discovers the truths behind the town’s past.

1 half life 2 – 96

A screenshot of Half-Life 2 gameplay

Considered one of the best games ever made, the 2004 award-winning FPS half life 2 is a historic title that changed the history of video games. Set roughly two decades after the first game, silent returning protagonist Gordon Freeman is awakened by the mysterious G-Man, who reveals that the events of the previous game brought the attention of the Combine, which is a multidimensional alien empire that now has conquered the Earth.

After joining the resistance movement, led mostly by former Black Mesa employees, Gordon begins fighting the aliens to free humanity. half life 2 it introduced graphics, gameplay elements, and realistic physics that were extremely ahead of their time and influenced most subsequent games.

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