Call of Duty pro player ‘Attach’ was so focused yesterday that he started drooling mid-game

Call of Duty pro player ‘Attach’ was so focused yesterday that he started drooling mid-game

Yesterday, Call of Duty pro player ‘Attach’ was so fried on the map that he started drooling in the middle of the game…

Attach plays for the Call of Duty League team Minnesota Rokkr and is a well-respected veteran within the league. Yesterday, they played one of their best series of all time and swept the second best team in the league, Atlanta FaZe.

Earlier this year, Minnesota had a really tough start to the season: they finished last year on a really good note by finishing in the top 4 in the league, but to start this year, they couldn’t quite make it. They made a roster change by benching MajorManiak and bringing in Havok. As of this move, they are 5-0 and arguably one of the top 2 teams in the CDL.

Betting on competitive Call of Duty

2 weeks ago competitive Call of Duty betting was approved at Barstool Sportsbook, so now you can bet on the CDL League whether you’re in AZ, NJ, WV or CO. When the news broke, I was absolutely stunned. I really thought we were over 2 years away from this but Sportsbook pulled it off and to the best of my knowledge we are the only major bookmaker that allows esports betting! Currently, you can bet on Valorant, Dota 2, League of Legends, and my favorite, Call of Duty.

I’ve been handing out tips every day before games and I’m currently 11-2 since it was allowed on Sportsbook:

In addition to that, I want to grow the Call of Duty league by sharing the stories of the players and all that drama that happens in the scene. It’s one of those situations like F1 where you don’t realize everything that’s really going on until you pull back the curtain.

League games are played on weekends, so today we have 4 games in a row starting at 3:00pm EST.

These should be 4 very solid matchups with my favorite team, OpTic Texas, closing out the night at 7:30pm EST.

The Call of Duty series is played best of 5 in the following modes: Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control.

Today’s selections are as follows:

Atlanta FaZe – 1.5

Toronto Ultra-1.5

Boston Default ML

Texas Optics -1.5

I’m betting this together for +709

So how the spread works in CDL betting is by series maps. When I see OpTic -1.5 I bet OpTic will beat NYSL by at least 2 maps. So if this series goes all the way to map 5, I will lose, even if OpTic ends up winning the series.

To disturb they need a massive rebound today and even though LAG won Major II, they have been playing terribly this whole leg. In theory, FaZe should cover pretty easily.

Toronto Ultra-London Royal Ravens – Ultra has been on an absolute hot streak lately and you can’t stop going to your local specialty. The Royal Ravens looked much better earlier this year and appear to be facing some bumps in the road with a roster change and a time when they can’t seem to put it all together.

Boston Breach vs. LAT – I anticipate that this will be the best series of the day. The Los Angeles Thieves are the most streaky team in the league. Sometimes they seem like the best team ever assembled and other times you wonder if this team has ever played competitive Call of Duty. Boston Breach has played consistently well since their top 3 performance at Major II, so hopefully they keep the same energy and get a dub here today.

OpTic Texas subliners off New York – OPTICAL BABY! This is GreenWall, the most loved team in competitive Call of Duty. After a few years of underperformance, they are back as the best in the league. They’ve been absolutely unstoppable lately and the next victims in their path are the Subliners. However, this will not be an easy matchup. New York sports a new roster with a player named ‘Kismet’ who has really helped take the team to the next level. I expect this to be a great matchup with OpTic winning 3-1.

On Twitter and in future blogs, I’ll be sharing more stories and dramas to help you understand all that’s going on behind closed doors within the league.

Competitive Call of Duty is a lot of fun to watch and feel free to tweet me with any questions you have!

If you want to read more about the CDL, here is my blog recap of the last Major II when we saw one of the biggest races in competitive Call of Duty history.

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