Albert Wesker’s Canon Return for Netflix’s Resident Evil Violates a Game Rule

Albert Wesker’s Canon Return for Netflix’s Resident Evil Violates a Game Rule

Netflix’s Resident Evil is confirmed to be canon with Capcom’s game series, but Albert Wesker’s surprise resurrection violates a game rule.

The surprise return of Albert Wesker for Netflix demonic resident The series breaks a rule of the game series. The original demonic resident was adapted from a screenplay by director Paul W.S. Anderson titled living Dead. Anderson, who was a huge fan of the Capcom series, decided to develop his own zombie script after learning that George A. Romero was set to direct the series. demonic resident film adaptation in the late ’90s. Romero later dropped out of the project, with Anderson adjusting his living Dead script to fit into the franchise, which is why he didn’t adapt the first one demonic resident play.

While the followers of the demonic resident The games greatly hated the changes that the movies starring Milla Jovovich made, they were also hugely profitable. Altogether, Anderson demonic resident series grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide, with 2017 the final chapter marking the end. In 2021, a movie reboot called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City arrived, and while it was much more faithful to the source material, it also received a mixed response and was a box office flop. The next live-action version of the saga is the one on Netflix. demonic resident show, which is confirmed to take place in the same universe as the games.


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According to showrunner Andrew Dabb in a ew interview, “Games are our backstory. Everything that happens in games exists in this world..” While it was believed that Netflix demonic resident -which may fix a problem in the movie- was going to be separate from the games just like the previous movies, this connection gives the show license to include other main characters from the series. One revenant is Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick), who is revealed on the show to have two teenage daughters named Billie and Jade. Of course, fans will remember that Wesker died spectacularly in 2009. resident bad 5, where it fell into a volcano and was later blown up with rockets. Wesker has lain dead in the games ever since, making his return for the Netflix show breaking the rules.

Albert Wesker as seen in the fifth Resident Evil game.

In fact, shortly after Resident Evil 5 launch, franchise producer Masachika Kawata told a crowd at San Diego Comic-Con (via IGN) that “Even if you want Albert Wesker to come back, there’s no chance of him coming back from that..” In the mentioned ew conversation, Dabb confirmed that “I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that explaining why Wesker is the way he is and how he’s still alive go hand in hand..” Given that Albert Wesker is one of the series’ most iconic villains, it’s unlikely that many will be upset by his return, even if resident bad 5 it was supposed to be the absolute end of the villain.

In the years after his “death”, the games also featured his son Jake Muller and his “sister” Alex, but there has been little indication that Albert Wesker himself would return. The series has created other memorable antagonists such as Resident Evil 8 Alcina Dimitrescu, but it will be interesting to see Wesker’s big comeback, and how exactly his unlikely resurrection on Netflix will be explained. demonic resident.

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