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Turrets mounted in Fortnite |  GamesRadar+

Knowing where to find mounted turrets in Fortnite is essential information if you are trying to use a mounted turret to damage vehicles either repair any turret with the repair torch, to clear those assignments. These Fortnite missions are made confusing by the fact that although “turrets” are referred to in both of them, they actually involve two completely different types of weapons, and while you might be thinking of classic turret stations, they haven’t been around for a long time. several seasons. . So whether you need Fortnite mounted turrets to damage vehicles or Fortnite turrets to repair, we’ve got you covered.

Mounted Turret Locations in Fortnite

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Mounted turrets in Fortnite can be a bit difficult to track down, due to the fact that they are attached to Fortnite Tanks and Fortnite Battlebuses, so other players can pick them up and drive them around. We’ve marked all of your starting locations on the map above, though, so if you head to one of these places at the start of a match, you should find the vehicle you’re looking for, especially if it’s far away from the current one. bus stop route, which means there is less chance of another player getting there before you.

How to use a mounted turret to damage vehicles in Fortnite

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Once you have control of the tank or battle bus, follow the Change Seat prompt (usually by clicking the right stick) to change positions until you’re seated on the Fortnite turret mounted on top of the vehicle. All you have to do then is shoot another vehicle (note that it may be empty, so you don’t need to find an opponent driving) and keep shooting it until you reach a cumulative total of 1200 damage. This is more damage than a vehicle can take on its own, though if you have a repair torch, you can go and repair it once it starts to smoke, before returning to the turret and continuing to deal damage to prevent it from driving around looking. of a new vehicle to fly.

Fortnite Siege Cannon Locations

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