The most powerful weapons in Resident Evil 6

The most powerful weapons in Resident Evil 6

While Resident Evil as a series fits into the survival horror genre, RE6 certainly doesn’t. The game has horror elements, but it is more or less a full action game. As such, weapons play an important role in the adventure. After all, you have to kill a lot of monsters throughout the game, and melee combat will only take you so far.

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Fortunately, the title provides plenty of weapons. Each protagonist has their own loadout to use during their campaign, consisting of pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and more. Of all the weapons, the following are the most effective.


8 Nine-Oh-Nine (Chris and Jake)

All of the guns in RE6 are pretty good and right up there with some of the best guns in the series’ history. However, the one worn by Chris and Jake is the standout. It doesn’t have as much firepower as Helena’s Picador, it’s not far off, but it excels in other areas.

Since it has a high critical hit chance, you can expect a lot of headshot explosions with this piece. Also, the weapon has a good rate of fire, allowing you to take out many monsters in quick succession.

7 Commander Bear (Jake, Sherry and Ada)

The protagonists did not use assault rifles in the first Resident Evil games. However, things are different in RE6, as almost every character is wearing one. Jake, Sherry and Ada can get the best, Commander Bear.

It’s a solid firearm, even if its stats aren’t particularly impressive, as the weapon deals less damage than the other rifles and its critical hit chance is decent. However, this weapon does come with a single-round grenade launcher attached. When you’re approached by a horde of zombies or zombie-like creatures, an explosive is always good to have, so this additional grenade launcher is a welcome addition.

6 Semi-automatic sniper rifle (Leon, Helena, Chris and Piers)

As is often the case with semi-automatic sniper rifles, this weapon lacks the damage of the other snipers. Fortunately, however, it makes up for it with an impressive rate of fire.

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You can fire multiple shots with this beast in quick succession. And while it’s not the most powerful rifle, its firepower isn’t too bad. Therefore, you can still deal serious damage with the weapon. In fact, when you’re trying to take a crowd of J’avo out of range, this is the sniper you’re looking for.

5 Assault Shotgun (Chris, Piers and Ada)

Several of the best shotguns in gaming history are from the Resident Evil series. The sixth main game continues the tradition by including a pair of strong broomsticks. Unfortunately, the Hyrda isn’t as good in this title as it was in RE5, but the Assault Shotgun is a good option.

It is the most powerful and accurate shotgun in the game. Those are nice compliments to have, and you can see its destructive power when shooting the enemy up close. It doesn’t have a great range, but you expect that from a shotgun.

4 Remote pump (all)

Remote bombs are small charges that you can place on the ground and detonate remotely, hence the name. Since they are consumable items, you won’t have them all the time. But you will always be happy to pick something up.

These explosives deal massive damage to anyone unlucky enough to be nearby when they go off. You can take out a multitude of decent sized monsters with one as they have a good blast radius. But it’s best to save them for the bigger enemies, as even bosses take significant damage from these things.

3 Anti-materiel rifle (Piers)

Piers is possibly the least skilled protagonist in the game. Who cares about skill when you have a giant sniper rifle though? Chris’s second-in-command is the only one who can wield the giant anti-materiel rifle, and it’s a good weapon.

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The beast deals much more damage than the other snipers. In fact, it’s guaranteed to knock down or kill a normal enemy in a single shot. It also comes with a thermal sight, so you can more easily spot your targets.

two Grenade Launcher (Chris and Piers)

Despite being very useful in RE4 and 5, the Rocket Launcher sadly only makes a brief cameo in this title. However, its absence gives the Grenade Launcher time to shine as one of the main power weapons in the game. If you’ve ever used a Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil, you know what to expect.

The weapon fires three different types of ammunition: explosive, acid, and nitrogen. Each of them is different, but they are all effective. And just having three options of what to shoot adds a bit of variety to combat.

1 Lightning Falcon (Leon and Helena)

When you want to deal significant damage in a Resident Evil game, you tend to turn to your magnum, if no RPG is available. They are regularly the most powerful traditional firearms in each entry.

Lightning Hawk, in particular, has been incredibly effective in multiple installments, including this one. The reason it’s so useful is that it’s not only extremely powerful, but has fantastic rate of fire. In fact, it fires as fast as a standard pistol, which is amazing for a weapon with that kind of firepower. It is certainly the weapon you want when facing any boss, but only Leon and Helena can use it.

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