Everything gamers need to know

Everything gamers need to know

Evokers are fearsome, spell-casting mobs that were introduced to the game during the Minecraft Exploration Update 1.11. These hostile mobs are incredibly rare, only appearing during village raids and inside elusive Woodland Mansions.

These mobs are a form of illager. Illagers are a class of hostile mobs that serve as the antagonistic version of passive villager mobs. Evokers are included among the five mobs that are recognized as members of the illager mob type. The other four are Vindicators, Pillagers, Illusioners, and Ravagers.

Where do summoners appear in Minecraft?

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Evokers are incredibly rare to find in Minecraft. Players aren’t likely to stumble across any of the Evoker’s spawn locations without getting out of their way. These hostile mobs are found in the last waves of a village raid or inside Woodland Mansions.

Grumpy-looking mobs will only appear during the spawn of private rooms inside a Woodland Mansion. Once spawned, they cannot respawn inside these particular rooms, and they also cannot stop spawning unless killed.

The only way to manually make these mobs disappear (other than killing them) is to change the world difficulty to peaceful.

When Summoners spawn during village raids, they will either spawn individually or be found mounted on Ravagers. These hostile mobs will only spawn during or after the fifth wave of the raid and won’t spawn at all during raids done in peaceful mode, as they only have three waves.

How do summoners behave in Minecraft?

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The Summoner is hostile towards the player character, attacking with one of their three spells if a player comes within twelve blocks of them. They are also neutral to all other mobs except illagers, which Evoker is completely passive to even after taking damage from one.

If a wolf/llama gets caught in the crossfire of an Evoker attack and retaliates, the Rvoker will turn hostile towards the mob and attack back. Also, if they are not in the middle of summoning an attack, the summoners will run away to avoid taking damage if the player character is still within a ten block radius of them.

Evokers are capable of casting four different spells in Minecraft: Fang Attack, Vex Summon, Combo Attack, and Sheep Color Conversion Spell.

The first three listed are the spells players are most likely to encounter in combat with a Summoner. When the Summoner begins to cast a spell/attack, he waves his arms in the air while producing various colored particles depending on the spell he is casting.

The Evoker will summon its fang attack with dark purple particles and a horn-like sound; only it will be sharper. With this, several fangs will rise from the ground, close and disappear. If a mob or the player is on the receiving end of this fang attack, they will take six points of damage (three hearts).

These fangs can rise from the ground in a straight line towards the target of the attack or circle around the Summoner if the mob/player is very close.

An Evoker will produce white particles and a higher pitched horn sound when it summons Vex. After the Evoker’s summon animation, three times will be presented. The Summoner can also continue to cast these times as long as there are fewer than eight times within sixteen blocks of the mob casting the spell.

The Summoner can even summon an attack using his two hostile spells. Sometimes the Summoner will summon a circle of two fangs around itself while also summoning vexes. This is another one of his attacks mentioned above: the combo attack.

Finally, there is a spell that the Summoner does not use in combat. This spell changes the color of any blue sheep within sixteen blocks of the Summoner to red. Cast this spell using orange particles.

What items do summoners drop in Minecraft?

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The Evoker is the sole source of the rare item, The Totem of Undying. When he dies, regardless of whether the player or another mob killed him, the Summoner will always drop one of these totems.

The Plunder Enchantment has no effect on the number of totems dropped when an Evoker is killed.

And lastly, they also have a chance to drop an Emerald and an Ominous Banner only if the Summoner spawns as a wave leader during a village raid, or picks up an Ominous Banner from the ground.

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