Everything Announced During the Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary Broadcast

Everything Announced During the Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary Broadcast

dead by daylight it’s nothing if not rich in content, and as a live-service lopsided horror title it’s ultimately what fans have been waiting for and eagerly awaiting. This is why dead by daylightThe sixth anniversary stream was important, because not only did he share news about his June festivities, but he also shared a lot of details about some big changes players should expect in the near future.

Across different developers in segmented sections, Behavior Interactive detailed many hotfixes and updates in conjunction with its sixth anniversary celebrations, with many of these changes scheduled to arrive this summer. The 6th Anniversary stream was pretty big in terms of updates that dedicated gamers would do well to catch up on and prepare for, as well as some nice surprises and a couple significant confirmations. dead by daylight leaks


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Structural reworks and gameplay changes to Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight it won’t reduce his plethora of Survivor and Killer perks as many players have advocated, but rather revisit around 40 perks that Behavior has decided are exploitative for static in-game goals. Probably to no one’s surprise, Behavior has isolated several perks on both the Survivor and Killer sides that have been central to these static goals.

On the survivor side, these perks include Dead Hard, Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, Iron Will, and Self-Care; On the killer side, these perks include: BBQ & Chili, Corrupt Intervention, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Hex: Ruin, and Pop Goes the Weasel. In an effort to emphasize and encourage “benefit variety and feasibility” on both sides, nearly 40 benefits will be modified in some way at a later date.

Further away, dead by daylight is working to rework character prestige as well as how progression and Bloodwebs are approached. In this rework, Behavior plans to remove Bloodwebs from Teachable Perks, instead granting each Killer and Survivor’s Teachable Perks to all respective Killer or Survivor characters once prestige level one is reached. Upon reaching prestige level three with any character, your third level of that perk will be unlocked for all associated characters.

Players will apparently be able to prestige characters beyond level three, but no details have been shared about what that may entail. Supposedly, rewards will be given to players who have already brought prestige characters to level three by the time this update releases, which has a tentative release window for this summer, and level upgrades will supposedly be given to players who have been racking up prestige characters. certain levels of benefits, but they have not yet prestige their characters. These changes are intended to reduce the routine in dead by daylightbut how effective these reworks will be remains to be seen.

Other changes to gameplay and UI features include an inconclusive “major rework” to the Raccoon City Police Department map. Loadouts were also shared as a new feature that players can use for preset inventories and even cosmetic loadouts, which will be viewable at dead by daylightThe new vertical main menu equipment. This new vertical menu is supposedly implemented to make the menu tabs more readable, and will also show how many days are left in the current glitches in the Archive tab.

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The next chapter confirmed for Dead by Daylight

Unfortunately, community leakers had shared a first look at dead by daylight‘s Chapter 24: Roots of Dread before its planned announcement on the sixth anniversary broadcast. Still, fans got their first official look at his killer character, Dredge, and his surviving character, Haddie Kaur. Launching soon on June 7th, dead by daylight it will also feature a new Kingdom map. This particular map is intriguing as it was shared that other Realm maps may be implemented in association with it, which would play into its contrast of spooky, otherworldly interiors and idyllic yet enigmatic exteriors.

For any fans of the highly anticipated Chapter, PTB 6.0.0 is now available for you to jump in and play as Dredge or Haddie Kaur on the Garden of Joy map. This way, players who have access to the beta can already start learning how Dredge’s unique abilities and perks work, as well as how Haddie’s perks work, while learning the ins and outs of the Garden of Joy.

It’s unclear if this pair of killers and survivors have already implemented their perks to work with the new Behavior overhaul scheduled for this summer, but they themselves may receive a change and their current stats may also change between the time the game is released. Chapter 24 and the summer update is released. After the release of its chapter, fans will be able to celebrate dead by daylightThe sixth anniversary in style at the end of June.

The theme of this year’s festivities has been revealed to be a masquerade party, where original killer and survivor characters will be able to win and wear festive masquerade skins that are unique to each character. Also, traditional festivities with ornamental elements, accessories and the like will be available in this theme to celebrate.

Unexpected and expected surprises coming to Dead by Daylight

It was also mentioned in an art design segment that dead by daylight will receive a cross-collaboration with attack on titan for various cosmetic skins. Additionally, an announcement was shared that custom games will include the option of bots so players can practice in relaxed scenarios; however, this update is not expected to be released until the winter.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the sixth-anniversary broadcast has little to do with what’s in store for dead by daylight on himself in the future, and more on a select number of his characters in an iteration no one saw coming. dead by daylight Announced Hooked On You: A Dating Sim Dead By Daylightwhich arrives this summer and allows players to enjoy their time lounging by the beach with Trapper, Huntress, Wraith and Spirit.

Nothing has been shown besides these killer characters in their jarring beachwear choices, but the desire for these iterations to become cosmetic skins for dead by daylight It has already been very expressed. Besides, dead by daylight announced a second resident Evil Chapter, titled Project W, which confirms the rumored leak about more resident Evil content.

Since this leak has been confirmed, it may be safe to assume that dead by daylightthe second resident Evil In fact, the chapter will feature Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers as surviving characters, as well as Albert Wesker as a killer character. The only official details shared are its title, and with a ‘W’ on it, fans will likely agree that it stands for Wong or Wesker.

Otherwise, it seems likely that Project W will be dead by daylightThe next chapter of Roots of Dread, as Behavior stated that it will be released in 2022. Behavior may not have even wanted to share this chapter so soon, but the leaks might have encouraged the developer to come out sooner rather than later. Either way, the announcement of a second resident Evil The chapter was a fantastic way to close out the stream, and fans now have plenty of updates and content to look forward to until the end of 2022.

dead by daylight is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

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