Plot Issues Resident Evil Village DLC Can Resolve

Plot Issues Resident Evil Village DLC Can Resolve

Resident Evil: Village’s upcoming DLC ​​could fill in some unresolved plot threads left over from the main game: especially those involving Chris Redfield.

Resident Evil Village it has been out for about a year, with many questions and unresolved plots. Fortunately, Capcom has announced future downloadable content for the title. Still, until then, the Internet has been left in an endless spiral of contemplation and theorizing to help close some of the many doors open by RE Villagethe narrative of . Although Ethan’s story may be over, various characters like Chris Redfield have a chance to fill in the gaps for the future. Resident Evil Village DLC.

The eighth entry in the resident Evil The series goes faster than its back-to-the-roots style predecessor, Resident Evil 7, which means the possibility of some important plot information reaching the cutting room floor. What Resident Evil Village focuses primarily on Ethan Winters, the supporting characters are expected to remain somewhat shrouded in mystery with little need (or desire on behalf of the developers) to explore these characters further. However, some characters get a bit more screen time than expected, and their motivations and actions spark compelling storylines that could play out. Resident Evil Village in unexpectedly grand ways. The end of Village it also sets up a lot of potential sequel ideas for the series, but these are more likely to be DLC ideas than full-on sequels. Still, the most likely candidate for potential DLC in resident Evil Village appears to be Chris Redfield.


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Chris Redfield was crucial to the story of Resident Evil Villagehowever, their participation was sporadic. Although players were able to go through a late-game sequence as a veteran of the series, he was the spark that ignited the powder keg to set the events of the game in motion. Chris and his team were browsing behind the scenes, discovering more about the Mutamycete. However, Chris’s unwillingness to communicate with Ethan made the narrative uneven. What happened between Chris shooting the fake Mia and his meeting with Ethan in the swamp area could highlight the discovery of the Megamycete that the player can discover on his account in the game. Stumbling into this area reveals that Chris’s unit has already found this location and set up monitoring equipment, making for a convincing Resident Evil Village DLC expansion to see Chris survive the attack on the van to reunite with his “new” comrades.

Resident Evil Village DLC Could Tackle The BSAA Arc

RE Village BSAA Bioweapon Concept

Many questions surround Chris Redfield and his Lone Wolf unit. The final moments of the game reveal that they defected from the BSAA and founded a new special ops team. During this sequence, a team member unmasks a dead BSAA soldier to show Chris that he is a bioweapon. The DLC could choose to visit the events earlier resident Evil Village and explore the founding of the Lone Wolf unit and why they decided to continue monitoring the Winters family, even though they no longer work with Blue Umbrella.

Nevertheless, Resident Evil Village DLC should follow the angle regarding the BSAA using zombies as weapons. Though the content could cover a sequel on its own, the arguments regarding Ethan’s daughter at the end of the game cast doubt on whether the siege on the BSAA’s European headquarters has already occurred due to her appearing to have aged nearly 15 years. If it’s really been 15 years, Capcom is more likely to emphasize her as a main character in Resident Evil 9 and use the BSAA bow for DLC.

These are just a small handful of plot threads that Capcom could explore in more detail. R.E. village It could even take a more ambitious path and shed light on Heisenberg, implementing a Magneto-like game as Heisenberg’s plans to overthrow Mother Miranda slowly get underway. Even the rumored Ada Wong was going to appear in Village and could be a puppeteer, further advancing the events of the game behind the scenes. Regardless of what Capcom chooses to do, hopefully they’ll announce more details this summer as fans wait patiently for Resident Evil VillageDLC to launch and organize some of the more complicated plot points.

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