It’s time for Call of Duty Zombies to return to its roots

It’s time for Call of Duty Zombies to return to its roots

In 2008, Activision and Treyarch released call of duty world at warand featured a unique minigame that players could unlock by completing the campaign. call of duty world at warThe Nazi Zombies unlockable mode became a surprise hit, leading Treyarch and Activision to release DLC maps for it and later expand the experience on the Treyarch-developed one. call of Duty Black Ops Y call of duty: black ops 2.

Nazi zombies later became known simply as “zombies” and remained one of the Obligations the most popular game modes in the franchise when Treyarch was at the helm. Other Obligations Studios threw themselves into Zombies, with varying degrees of success. For example, the Exo Zombies from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare it proved somewhat polarizing, with some fans enjoying the game’s increased mobility, while others felt it strayed too far from the established Zombies formula.


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I eat more Obligations games released, the more they moved away from the roots of Zombies, taking the concept in fantastical directions and with an excessive focus on “special” zombie types and gimmicks. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarThe Zombies version was notable for having a completely busted split-screen co-op feature, while Call of Duty: VanguardZombies represents a low point for the fan-favorite game mode.

Call of Duty: Vanguard‘s Zombies has not been well received by the community. It strays away from the round-based structure of previous Zombies game modes and, like other recent Zombies iterations, bogs down with silly gimmicks. Not only that, but Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies is incredibly easy, offering little to no challenge for long-time Zombies fans, giving them little reason to return after trying it once.

The next Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 It is not expected to have a Zombies mode. modern warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward has experimented with Zombies in the past, as seen in call of duty: infinity warbut otherwise it has stuck with its own additional modes, like Spec Ops in the original version of MW2 of 2009 and the cooperative mode based on aliens Extinction of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This year’s additional game mode is rumored to be a Escape from Tarkov-inspired mode called DMZ, although it has not been officially revealed yet.

Regardless of the new game mode, the upcoming 2022 version of call of duty: modern warfare has on offer, it seems safe to say that Zombies is taking a break this year. It is expected that a developed by Treyarch Obligations The game will be released in 2023 and if so, you have to imagine that Zombies will return. However, if Zombies returns in 2023 Obligations game, you must return to your roots.

There’s a reason why old school Obligations The zombie experience remains popular to this day. The concept was simple and easy to understand: kill zombies, rebuild structures, spend points to unlock new areas. Some maps were played with this setting, such as Black Ops 2TranZit by TranZit, but they did it without packing in a lot of other gameplay mechanics that overcomplicated things. There are ways to make the classic Zombies experience feel new again, and that’s something that 2023 Obligations game should strive for.

Instead of trying to create a new Zombies experience, it may be more beneficial in the long run for Treyarch to release in 2023. Obligations game with a collection of remastered Zombies maps. It could take the most popular Zombies maps from previous games and recreate them for modern audiences, improving graphics and making other adjustments as needed, while keeping what made the maps popular with fans in the first place.

There are many Obligations Fans who would gladly jump at the chance to relive classic maps like Ascension, Kino der Toten, TranZit and more with their friends on modern consoles rather than gamble on a new Zombies map that may miss the mark.

On the other hand, there is the pending acquisition of Activision by Microsoft. For those who don’t know, Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard in the biggest video game acquisition deal of all time. If the deal goes through, Microsoft will have control of all Activision franchises, including Obligations. This means that Obligations games would come to Xbox Game Pass as day one releases, in addition to previous versions Obligations games would also be added to the lineup. This would make the classic Zombies maps much more accessible to fans, as they wouldn’t have to pay $50 for old games to access them like they’re being asked to do now. This could fill the void of classic Zombies maps, and then perhaps fans would be more perceptive for Treyarch to experiment with a new Zombies map, as long as it sticks to its roots and doesn’t go overboard with gimmicks.

There are also rumors of an independent Obligations zombie game, but that hasn’t been tested yet. For now, Obligations fans can keep their eyes on the next modern warfare 2 as they speculate on what Treyarch may have in store for them in 2023.

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