Twitch Rivals Recap: Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown

Twitch Rivals Recap: Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown

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Contestants competed in six Zero Build games, with points being awarded based on their placement in each game. In addition, a point was awarded for elimination. The winner received eighteen points for placing first. Contestants who finished second through fifth place received fifteen points. Contestants who finished the round on a lower level received three fewer points. Unlike Zero Build Showdown II, only tents were banned in Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown, so both tanks and battle buses were made available in the game.

The total prize pool for the event was $10,000 USD, with first place earning $2,800, second place earning $1,800, third $1,500, fourth $1,200, and fifth $900. There were also several bonus objectives, each awarding $600 – most eliminations in the entire event, by both a team and a single player, and the most wins.

Hosted in this round of Twitch Rivals were Iain Chambers, who was launching Twitch Rivals for the first time, fan favorites SanchoWest, and Javier “MonsterDface” Collazo. Before the tournament formally began, commentators interviewed Turner “Tfue” Tenney. Tfue was extremely excited to finally kick off the tournament as this was his first time hosting a Fortnite tournament event. Tfue shared with Twitch viewers that he is also looking forward to future Fortnite events.

game summary

Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown began with a slow and friendly first game. However, the situation escalated as the storm surrounded the players. The focal point in this round was brilliant positioning. And while the team led by Javante “Prospering” Anderson came through the match with the most eliminations, Team Zemie mechanically dominated the outskirts of the storm and took down any and all enemies in their path.

From the start, Game 2 was all about quick, camouflaged rotations. Marcus “Ranger” Pereira’s team took this concept to heart, sitting in a helicopter in the sky until the end of the match. As the storm approached, the three teams led by Kevin “Tocata” Larrinaga, Nathan “Reetlol” Amundson and Maddynf fired at each other across the field. To break the monotony, Piero “pgod” Ramírez’s team marched to the battlefield with three trucks. As expected, they were quickly eliminated. Surprisingly, Nicholas “Thiefs” Smorto’s team similarly followed suit but were more successful. In the end, Tocata nearly destroyed the tank before being ejected. However, surviving with only a few health points, Reetlol managed to take down the tank and take the victory.

On the other hand, the main focus of the third game was positioning. Initially, Team Tfue took to the high ground and wiped out every enemy in sight. Unfortunately, instead of cleverly using their accumulated advantage, they stayed longer than expected in the box and were late in the rotation. Meanwhile, Team pgod was marking its territory with an astonishing twelve eliminations. However, Team Zemie positioned themselves on high ground and effortlessly cleared the area. In the end, Team Zemie just needed to take out Team Ranger, who repeated their strategy from the previous round by sitting back in the helicopter. Team Zemie managed to eliminate them and secured a massive lead.

Tfue’s team once again ran the show in the opening game of match four. Similarly, Team Tocata trampled their opponents on the other end of the map. Naturally, Team Ranger was sitting safely in their helicopter, awaiting the end of the game. But when the moment of truth arrived, and they finally abandoned their helicopter, they came face to face with the ruthless Team Tocata, who eliminated them effortlessly.

Game five was a more vehicle-oriented match, with most players taking shelter in a vehicle. Following in the footsteps of Team Ranger, Team Reetlol decided to reach new heights and took to the air with their very own helicopter. Until then, Team Ranger controlled the airspace of the tournament. As anticipated, Team Ranger became agitated with Team Reetlol and started clashing with them fiercely. The Reetlol team was not about to give up their new discovery so easily and struck back openly. Finally, both helicopters exploded and both teams landed in the arms of Team Tfue, who had already smashed their enemies to the ground. Despite trying to recover, it was a futile effort as Team Tfue earned their first victory.

The final game of the tournament was surprisingly intense, as Team Zemie and Team Tocata were still vying for first place in the event. During the middle of the game, Tocata strategically positioned himself under the bridge, taking out many players. Zemie tried his best to keep up with the eliminations, but in the end, he fell short. Once again, Team Ranger watched the battle from afar and went down for the final showdown. The chaos on the open field culminated in the Vannesuh team defeating their opponents.


As both Team Tocata and Team Zemie spared no effort in the final match of the day, it was too close to announce the winner right away. However, after last minute count-outs, Team Tocata won Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown with 130 points. Team Zemie came in second with 124 points, with Team Ranger rounding out the top three with 100 points. The MVP of the tournament, and the player with the most eliminations, was, unsurprisingly, Tocata.

Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown was the final event of Zero Build’s content creator series before the grand finale, which takes place on May 25.

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