Resident Evil Village is even spookier with VR and Motion Controls Mod

Resident Evil Village is even spookier with VR and Motion Controls Mod

Modder Praydog has released a VR and motion controls mod for Resident Evil Village that makes the game even scarier.

A VR mod and Praydog motion controls makes the scares of Resident Evil Village all the more terrifying. While members of the PC modding community continue to play around with different peripherals for multiple resident Evil games, Capcom has ventured into the world of virtual reality in its own right. Resident Evil 7 introduced virtual reality options for Sony’s PlayStation VR platform, for example. Y RE4 received a VR port for the Oculus Quest 2 in October 2020; Interestingly, a patch added similar support to the game’s Mercenaries mode several weeks after release.

The Eighth Main Line resident Evil The entry featured no such VR support, but managed to raise the bar in other ways. R.E. village takes place after the events of the acclaimed 2017 RE7, once again placing players in the role of Ethan Winters. But instead of carefully navigating a property in the Louisiana woods, Ethan finds himself exploring a remote town somewhere in Eastern Europe. Vampires, werewolf-like creatures, and a host of other gothic horrors haunt the isolated settlement, creating an experience unlike any other in the world. resident Evil past games.


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pc modifier praying dog recently added a new Resident Evil Village mod on GitHub (via Wccftech) that allows players to explore the horrors of the remote village in virtual reality. The build in question also features motion control support, complete with features like hand tracking, physical melee attacks, room-scale movement in which Ethan moves around with the headset on, and physical weapon aiming. eurogamer tried out the VR and motion control mod in the gameplay video below, which shows just how much creepier R.E. village it can be with some peripherals included in the mix.

Horror games seem to be at the heart of many intriguing VR experiences. Given the positive reception surrounding the VR versions of both Resident Evil 7 Y Resident Evil 4it shouldn’t be surprising that R.E. village seems to have translated equally well into the more immersive style of play. Hopefully Capcom itself will eventually add VR to the new RE official title.

Whether or not Capcom will unleash VR support for Resident Evil Village It remains to be seen, but the developers have something else up their sleeve in terms of new content. The publisher confirmed this during an E3 2021 presentation, teasing fans with the news that its internal team had gone into development after launch. R.E. village DLC. So far no concrete information about the plugin has appeared.

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Resident Evil Village It is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Praying Dog/GitHub (via Wccftech, Eurogamer/YouTube)

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