How to retrieve seven stolen supplies at IO locations in Fortnite

How to retrieve seven stolen supplies at IO locations in Fortnite

In order to recover seven stolen supplies by the IO in Fortnite, players must search for reserves in three of the eight locations on Battle Royale Island.

Retrieve Stolen Seven Supplies at IO Locations” is a week 7 quest in Fortnite Episode 3 Season 2, tasking players with locating and collecting small stashes of items scattered around the map. There are a total of eight locations with seven supplies available, but Fortnite fans only need to collect three to complete the mission. A cache of Seven supplies appears as a pile of boxes and bags in Fortnite, glowing with a brilliant white glow. To collect one of these quest nodes, hold down the indicated interaction button or key to pick it up.

Thanks to its luminous glow, spotting Seven’s supplies in the field shouldn’t be too difficult at Fortnite. However, sometimes the node location can be a difficult place to find. Consequently, there are three locations on the Battle Royale map where players should have little to no trouble discovering the supply cache. Still, keep in mind that it is still possible for hostile combatants to attack the player while completing the mission. So make sure to briefly scan the area for other players before trying to collect the supply node.


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First, a Seven supply location can be found to the west of Logjam Lumberyard, located near some short vegetation and a rock pile in Fortnite. The node’s brightness will visually rise higher than surrounding objects, so it should be moderately easy to see.

Recovery of seven stolen supplies in Fortnite

Recovery of seven stolen supplies in Fortnite map locations

Another stash of Seven supplies in Fortnite can be found at the gas station northeast of The Fortress. Approach the gas station from the east side and enter the door next to the portable toilet. Head to the right to find the storage node next to the back dumpster. Alternatively, players can climb the fence or use their harvesting tool to get through walls. A third supply node is located by the large hole across the river to the west of Tilted Towers. Investigate the west side of the crater and look behind the dumpster to find the pile. Collecting the item should complete the quest, “Recover Stolen Seven supplies at IO locations,” rewarding players with 20,000 XP.

As noted above, there are eight possible locations where Fortnite Fans can retrieve Seven’s supplies. Here are the other five sites that players can visit if they want additional options beyond the recommended ones mentioned:

  • Supply node 4: under a shack in the scorched craters west of The Joneses
  • Supply node 5: under a tree on a hill west of the Shrine
  • Supply node 6: near the demolished IO tower north of The Daily Bugle
  • Supply node 7: next to a tree in the scorched earth area southeast of Greasy Grove
  • Supply node 8: under a ladder leading from the lower floor of Command Cavern in Fortnite

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