Fortnite Leak: Doomsday Device, Skins, Live Event & More in v20.40

Fortnite Leak: Doomsday Device, Skins, Live Event & More in v20.40

A new Fortnite leak has revealed a slew of content in the v20.40 content update, including a live event, the Doomsday device, as well as new skins and assets for the Item Shop!

Fortnite is now approaching the final weeks of Chapter 3 Season 2, with Chapter 3 Season 3 kicking off soon. This means that there is a lot to come with the latest content update in the current season of Fortnite.

And now that the update is being installed on the Fortnite servers, we have some featured leaks sharing news for Fortnite fans.

Here’s what recent Fortnite leaks have revealed, with content coming with the v20.40 content update.

Fortnite Leak shows new skins, Doomsday device and live event

A recent Fortnite leak has shown numerous things coming up in Fortnite with the latest v20.40 content update.

We will show you all the new content that Epic Games is expected to release soon.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 v20.40 Leaked Live Event

A new escape FNBRIntel on Twitter has apparently confirmed that a live event will be happening in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

The files had a string added with the latest Fortnite update, all but confirming that a live event is likely to happen soon.

Fortnite: the device of the end of the world revealed in a leak

The IO has been building a Doomsday Device in the current story of Fortnite. And it looks like the terrifying device is set to finish building soon.

found by @forttoryAn in-game screenshot shows the Doomsday device, a large tower that looks pretty crazy.

Fortnite Doomsday Device Leak

Epic Games / @FortTory

Another Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, said that the Doomsday device “is set to have some periodic pulses that allow for glider redeployment, low gravity, or extra speed.” He said that he may be wrong as it may be a scrapped idea.

The Doomsday device is unlikely to be in the game when the v20.40 update is available, however it looks like the device will be revealed soon.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Leak – Loot Lake Changes

Fortnite leaker HYPEX has also confirmed that Loot Lake will see changes in the latest Fortnite update.

You can find the changes to Loot Lake below. It looks like this will be where The Doomsday Device is located, east of Loot Lake.

Fortnite v20.40 Loot Leak Lake Changes

Epic Games / @HYPEX

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 v20.40 Leak – New Skins and Items

Like any other Fortnite update, v20.40 is packed with new skins, items, and more cosmetics. There’s a lot of new leaked content, so let’s show something!

Fortnite leakers @ShiinaBR and @XTigerHyperX2 have found six item packs coming to the Item Shop with v20.40.

Fortnite v20.40 New Packs Leaked

Epic Games / @ShiinaBR

@ShiinaBR also shared the newest skins coming to Fortnite with the v20.40 update on Twitter. These skins also include some of the above item packs.

ShiinaBR then went on to confirm that there are currently five sets of items that are currently encrypted in the files. These are:

  • “Clear Defender”
  • “Armed Robot Squad”
  • “shock contact”
  • “Knee Porter”
  • “FightForgiveness”

Other Fortnite Leaks in Chapter 3 Season 2 Update v20.40

There are plenty of other smaller leaks that have come out of the v20.40 Fortnite update. These are some of the leaks that have been found:

  • Epic have added a new playlist: “No Build – Competitive” (@ShiinaBR)
  • The current crew pack is encrypted (@ShiinaBR)
  • Code name of the new point of interest: “The Tower” (@ShiinaBR)
  • New crew styles for Southpaw (@ShiinaBR)
  • Sidearms will be retired soon (@ShiinaBR)
  • Weapons that will soon be evicted: “Rail Gun” and “Recon Scanner” (@ShiinaBR)
  • IO NPC with the codename “Doom” to be released (@HYPEX)
  • The Block returns, related to Creative 2.0 (@HYPEX)

That’s all the latest leaks we’ve had with downtime from the latest Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 content update. Looks like we’re in for an exciting few weeks at Fortnite!

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