A Security Breach fan creates a playable princess quest in Minecraft

A Security Breach fan creates a playable princess quest in Minecraft

A dedicated fan and content creator has created a fully functional recreation of the Princess Quest minigames from FNAF: Security Breach in Minecraft.

A clever hobbyist has built a functional Minecraft version of the princess quest minigames of FNAF: Security Breach. In the original game, Princess Quest 1-3 were hidden arcade games with important implications for the lore surrounding fnaf security guard Vanessa, as well as being key to one of the game’s multiple endings.

Although MinecraftThe premise of is simple, it revolves around a gameplay cycle of exploration, material gathering and item crafting, players of the game are really capable of some remarkable feats. With enough time and patience, it is possible for players to build working mechanisms, calculators, and simple computer systems within the confines of the game. Redstone circuits have great potential and the results of taking advantage of them can be very impressive. In many cases, these projects are inspired by elements from the real world or even other games, which can be recreated indoors to some extent. Minecraft. For example, a passionate builder was able to create a working version of the online game. Word.


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To this vast catalog of past projects is added CuppaTeaExewhich is in the process of building the entire FNAF: Security Breach‘s Mega Pizzaplex in Minecraft. One of the latest additions to this huge project is the princess quest minigames, seen in both help Wanted Y Security violation, which CuppaTeaExe has turned from a 2D dungeon crawler into a first-person survival experience. By placing a complex array of redstone and command blocks under the recreations of the three minigame maps, they have been able to accurately recreate the gameplay of princess quest. Armed with a flint and steel instead of the original flashlight, the player must light wooden blocks to unlock the various doors that block their path. The result is actually a Minecraft block based clone of the original games.

doing this fnaf Y Minecraft build even more impressive is the fact that the entire project was completed without the use of modifications to pave the way. Of course, this had led to some minor discrepancies. fnafThe princess faced corridors full of rabbit-like enemies based on Glitchtrap, but here these enemies are replaced by zombies. Of course, since Glitchtrap is essentially a digital ghost, having another form of undead to replace it makes a lot of sense within vanilla. Minecraftlimitations of . There is also good news for those eager to try this version of princess quest; Once Mega Pizzaplex is fully built, CuppaTeaExe will release the downloadable map for the Java and Bedrock versions of the game. In the meantime, regular update videos mean fans can follow the build of this build and others in detail. Minecraft maps recreating Security violationas they go.

The amount of effort that has clearly gone into building these Minecraft versions of the three princess quest minigames of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach it’s amazing, and it’s even more so when you consider that this is just a small part of a much larger project. CuppaTeaExe’s dedication and talent for this build is certainly commendable. It is clear that once the general construction of FNAF: Security Breach‘s Mega Pizzaplex is complete, there will be plenty of fans eager to explore the Minecraft map by themselves.

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Source: CuppaTeaExe/YouTube

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