Will Resident Evil on Netflix perform better as a series than a movie?

Will Resident Evil on Netflix perform better as a series than a movie?

Video games are a great source of material for film adaptations. Recently, there have been many examples of famous TV series and movies coming from different video games, such as Arcane Y Unexplored. The immersive nature of the games allows the player to feel deeply connected to the story. That is one of the most important elements when adapting to this type of narrative: being able to connect with the audience.

resident Evil is probably the most adapted game franchise in history. Alongside the six movies that follow iconic action hero Alice (Milla Jovovich) battling zombies, there have been a few newer adaptations. In 2021, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City was released, to mixed to poor reviews from critics and fans.


In 2021, Netflix released an animated series based on the famous franchise called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. The series already featured well-known characters from video games, such as Claire and Leon. Now there’s another resident Evil The series will arrive in July, however, this time it will be a live action. The series will tell the story of Jade Wesker struggling to survive 14 years after the virus wiped out the population. She will have to fight not only zombies but also her past: her father had connections to the Umbrella Corporation, but more importantly, she will have to deal with what happened to her sister, Billie. The story will follow two different timelines, about when the apocalypse started and the present time.

Can this new resident Evilcoming from a streaming service that has a reputation for good adaptations (and some not so good ones) from different sources, be better than the movies?

Series VS Movies

A series has some elements going for it compared to a movie, and the longer run is the main one. A series has the potential to offer a more intricate story that utilizes the rich world-building and character development present in games. The lack of character development or explanation of the world in parts of the movies takes a lot of power away from these stories. In a television series, there is the possibility of slowly developing a character and explaining to the audience what happened in the past through fragments of each episode.

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TV also helps not to overload information that is often a concern within two hours of a movie, preventing the audience from really understanding the story; It is one of the most recurring problems that adaptations face. The past that haunts the characters in the present is a major motivator for them, and that seems to be one of the core elements of the new adaptation.

Puzzle, Action & Horror

There are some elements of video games that enhance the quality of the story. These elements aren’t usually incorporated into adaptations, leaving people frustrated by the absence of the key factors that make this franchise so great. That’s part of the reason why video game movies disappoint fans.

A very complex part of the game is the puzzle aspect. The character will have to solve puzzles, find objects scattered around the place to advance the plot, enter secret passageways, etc. Obviously, it’s very different when you’re actively trying to solve a puzzle than watching an actor do it. but the core element of these puzzles is quite simple: things cannot be easy for the protagonist. The characters are, most of the time, normal people who have to fight to solve their problems; therefore, playable characters often die in video games and the player has to start over, something impossible in film adaptations.

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Video games have action sequences (most of them are enhanced with some kind of jump scare), but they are not action games. That’s something that adaptations often screw up by trying to have a larger target audience, but that leaves everyone a little disappointed. This can be more easily resolved in a series due to its longer duration. The TV series should have action sequences (it is a zombie apocalypse story, after all) but not be so predominantly action-oriented; the series could incorporate these obstacles along with character development and lore much better than the limitations of a movie.

Instead of the action spectacle that made up much of the resident Evil movies, the TV series could offer a much more horror-oriented story. Clever use of jump scares (rather than overuse of this element) can enhance the traumatic experience for the characters and would also be representative of video games. Without relying heavily on jump scares and gore, the resident Evil TV series could create a wonderfully dark and brooding atmosphere of horror.

The world of Resident Evil

The world of resident Evil continues to evolve, as seen in the latest installment of the video game, Village. In the eighth game, vampires, werewolves, and evil entities were introduced. This is one of the elements that continues to attract fans to games: the new elements combined with the old ones. This growth can occur more naturally in a series due to its length and progression of episodes.

The series will probably focus more on zombies, which were the main thing in the first video games. However, the television series can play with other types of unprecedented transformations, as seen in Resident Evil: Biohazard Y Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Especially since the series will be in two different timelines: when the virus started infecting people and 14 years later.

Will it be better than the movies?

Overall, the Netflix series has the potential to deliver a good adaptation that stays true to its origin but can transcend the movies by virtue of its length, if it develops its characters well and creates the right horror atmosphere. It really all depends on how the best elements of video games will be present in the TV show and the producers will not fall into old traps. The promotional images look good and the trailer was released recently. Nevertheless, resident Evil fans will have to wait until July 14 to know for sure.

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