Why Call of Duty is failing, losing money and players

Why Call of Duty is failing, losing money and players

Since 2021, the monthly active users (MAUs) of Activision games have plummeted from 150 million players in March 2021 to a new low of 100 million players in March 2022. These MAUs are spread across all Activision games. Activision, which include all Obligations games, including war zone. This is a massive drop in players and this has undoubtedly been caused by a variety of factors.

So what’s going on with Obligations? In this article, we are going to explain why Obligations is failing, losing money and players.

Cheats in Call of Duty

Credit: Activision

Cheats in Call of Duty

In war zonein particular, cheating has been a massive and sustained problem ever since the game was originally released as part of Modern war (2019). A big part of the reason cheating has been such a big problem in war zone it’s twofold: one, the game’s almost unbelievable level of success, and two, the game’s lack of a robust anti-cheat solution.

Given the popularity of war zonethere are significantly more players on PC than average Obligations game, and PC gamers are responsible for the vast and overwhelming majority of cheating, due to how easy it is to run software on a computer that manipulates the war zone customer.

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nature of war zone, as a game, also complicates the cheating problem. in traditional ObligationsYou’ll see the occasional aimbotter or wallhacker, but you’ll die a bunch of times in a game. The action is fast-paced and the games are usually very short.

war zone is a slower, longer game in which your performance in an entire match is routinely decided by the outcome of a single firefight. And especially as matches get longer and longer and get closer to the end, getting eliminated by an aimbotter in the final circle is a pretty devastating blow to morale.

Nevertheless, war zone He finally got an anti-cheat solution, Ricochet. Unfortunately, the Vanguard-was evolution of war zonewhile it did include anti-cheat, it didn’t stop as many cheaters as expected and introduced many new issues to the game, most of which made the game slower.

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All in all, when you combine the game cheating problem with the game connection problems with the long standing game problems with all kinds of crashes and glitches, war zone it feels like a mess and has been for years. This has undoubtedly discouraged many players from starting Obligations back.

The spectacular failure of Vanguard

Credit: Activision

Cheats in Call of Duty 2

Vanguard it’s been a pretty substantial flop for Activision. Its sales disappointed the publisher, and ever since the game came out, it has been plagued by glitches, design flaws, and all manner of issues.

Furthermore, the general feeling of the Obligations the community is clear: fans don’t want a WWII game. They want modern games or futuristic games, especially like the litany of attachments, gear, and skins that come to Obligations they are inevitably going to be massively anachronistic in a WWII game.

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Vanguardfor many, did not deviate from Modern war (2019) enough, and introduced a number of new problems that were not present in Modern war (2019). So for many, Modern war (2019) is a more engaging and interesting game that may have some of the same issues as Vanguard but he doesn’t have that many.

For example, one of the biggest problems in war zone Y Modern war (2019) is balance. Weapons and attachments were often malfunctioning, had unwanted effects, or were simply too weak or too powerful. Vanguard it makes this fundamental problem much worse, but it expands the number of attachments weapons can have while speeding up the game and keeping the time to kill low.

of Vanguard The hated Zombies mode is another major reason for the game’s failure. many entered Vanguard excited for a Zombies mode developed by Treyarch that was based on the beautiful and smooth Modern war (2019) engine. However, while cold war black ops Zombies was a massive success, of Vanguard Zombies isn’t because Treyarch didn’t give fans the classic Zombies experience they really wanted.

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Even if good Zombies content arrives Vanguard As promised, it is likely to be too little too late. like how cold wars The sheer variety of maps didn’t matter to many fans who picked up the game at launch only to find a few maps actually there at launch.

COVID-19, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty

Credit: Activision

Cheats in Call of Duty 3

In the fall of 2019, the reboot of Modern war who coincidentally introduced war zone to the world was released. A few months later, COVID-19 began to spread rapidly around the world. For many, many players, call of duty 4 modern warfare Y Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 they were some of the best and cherished video game memories they have.

Recalling these games with a reboot pulled from nostalgia and at the right time while massively evolving the Obligations formula in a big, huge, modern open world Obligations real battle With so many people inside without much to do, Obligations took advantage of this not only because the games were insanely good.

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As COVID-19 slows down and two more Obligations games have been released since Modern war, the obsession with the franchise has naturally died out, greatly reducing the game’s players. And the background of glitches that never seem to get fixed coupled with a predatory monetization system make Obligations a difficult franchise to maintain for a long time.

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