Games with the best cover

Games with the best cover

Obligations Titles have been a phenomenon in first-person shooter video games. Since its initial release, the franchise has enjoyed a huge fan base, and the sales figures over the years are a testament to that. But the sales numbers don’t necessarily show a good game. The franchise is a mix of great games, average, and extreme flops that has fans questioning their investment options.

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It’s clear that studios looking to milk a successful franchise often tend to fall for the sequel trap, and Obligations is not an exception. But as franchise fees grew, so did the marketing budget. The franchise had some of the best marketing campaigns and short videos that allowed fans to forget about the lackluster nature of the last installment and get excited for the next ones. One of those sheets of your marketing books is the franchise cover.


10 Obligations

Several other covers are better than the Obligations OG, but this one is here for the nostalgic factor and first time attraction. The first game was released in 2003 and the cover art was generic but tended to the needs of the time.

A squad of Allied soldiers is seen crouching behind the rubble of an urban battlefield, presumably somewhere on the Western Front, with one of them pointing a finger in an attempt to break the fourth wall. The game is set during World War II and the cover does justice to its content.

9 call of duty: black ops 2

call of duty: black ops 2 It is one of the subphases of Obligations franchise that focuses on a more special type of split game that features a non-linear story narrative that jumps back and forth between 1980 and 2025. The game was met with mostly positive reviews from fans and critics.

Released in late 2012, the game’s cover art took on a monochrome palette with the main character in the shadows wielding dual pistols while a beam of light does enough justice to highlight him, giving him a creepy look.

8 call of duty: black ops 3

call of duty: black ops 3 is the immediate sequel to its predecessor (Black Ops 2) and was released in 2015. The game is set in 2065, 40 years after the events of Black Ops 2, and follows the narrative of a 4-team black ops unit. The game also featured a zombie mode and nightmare mode for the first time in the franchise.

The cover of the game was the second best of the covert operations phase and introduced the sub-franchise theme seen in previous titles. The main character is dressed in futuristic heavy armor (almost resembling Judge Dredd) and is also seen wielding a dual pistol. However, the background stands out a little differently with the outline of the Roman numeral III burning in subtle flames, giving it a very indistinct, action-packed look.

7 call of duty 2

This was probably the best cover of the initial trilogy of COD Games set during World War II. This was also hands down the best game of that phase. Released in 2005, the game takes players through the deserts of North Africa to the beaches of Normandy.

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The cover art sticks to the theme of its predecessors, showing a platoon of Allied troops fighting Axis bunkers on D-Day. The cover shows just enough to show off the game’s content and attract new players to the base. fans.

6 call of Duty Black Ops

The first installment in covert operations phase, the game was an attempt to break the shackles of Modern war trilogy and venture into something better. The game received mixed reviews for its campaign and was controversial for portraying Fidel Castro as a target.

However, the game featured a cinematic cover with the main character wielding his dual pistol charge in a high-contrast, desaturated color palette. The color palette is reminiscent of the flimsy look of the 1960s, which fits well with the game’s setting.

5 call of duty: ww2

It might be strange to see the WWII reboot high on the list, but there’s a valid reason. After a string of lousy games in the franchise, fans wanted the developers to stick with what the franchise was initially. And so came the return to World War II. The game was released in 2017 and was generally well received by fans and critics.

The cover features what one might assume to be one of the main characters looking deep through the fourth wall and into the eyes of the players.

4 ghosts call of duty

Call of Duty Ghosts was released in 2013 and followed a group of highly trained mercenaries (if they can be called that) on a quest to stop evildoers from destroying the world. As silly as it sounds, the game also fell into the average receiving range, and fans were getting a bit bored with the soulless campaigns.

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However, the game’s cover looked slightly different than any of the others in the franchise. The cover features the main character in a profile view wearing a face mask that pays homage to the ghost from the previous installments. When he faces all COD cover arts, this is one of the most striking examples.

3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

When it launched in 2011, Modern Warfare 3 it had the highest number of day one sales and pre-orders in the history of the video game industry. The game was well received by fans and critics, although some felt there was room for improvement in the short single-player campaign.

However, the game’s cover art was on par with a cinematic poster. The white backdrop, flying dust and specks, and a dashing main character with an automatic weapon was quite a Mission Impossible the film would be inspired.

two Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 It was a huge hit with fans and critics alike. The game is a direct sequel to Modern war and it starts up right away. However, that’s when the studios focused more on the multiplayer aspect and gave very little to the campaign. This was the beginning of many installments of this type that began to lose quality and hours of play in the single player campaign.

The cover of the game was a complete story. The colors took on a shade more of the Sahara desert, and one could see a character related to the current armed forces. This was the closest they got to recreating a contemporary war scene.

one Black Ops: Cold War

This is no surprise. Black Ops: Cold War it was released in 2020 and fully utilized the capabilities of the next-gen console. The graphics were excellent, the narrative great, and the gameplay enjoyable. Cold War it was an instant hit and served as a much needed refreshment in the dark times of the year.

The cover is creative. This was unlike any other Obligations franchise game, and it looked beautiful. Design elements and pin-up/sticker templates made it all too colorful and amazing at the same time.

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