Fortnite Season 2 Dr. Strange Location

Fortnite Season 2 Dr. Strange Location

Through the years, Fortnite has grown exponentially and has welcomed several iterations along with an impressive roster of unique characters, both real and fictional. Among the latest NPC additions to FortniteSeason 2’s is Doctor Strange, who players may want to find and challenge.

Epic Games’ effort to add new content spanning different franchises led to a timely introduction to some of the Marvel Multiverse’s most iconic protagonists and antagonists. While Spider-Man and the Green Goblin were among the first character skins to appear, the developer opted to include the Sorcerer Supreme at a later date, likely to accommodate the release of his latest film, Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. Perhaps somewhat unexpectedly, he can be found in the northeastern section of the overworld, which houses The Daily Bugle.

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Since The Daily Bugle Point of Interest is a fairly large area, players looking to meet and greet Sorcerer Supreme should set their sights on the main building in the lower left corner of the erected landmass. Like the rest of the NPCs native to this PoI, Doctor Strange tends to spend his time wandering around a designated location. That said, he seems adamant about his decision to tour the facility in one place, and players can come across him on the first floor of the Daily Bugle.

While locating Sorcerer Supreme may not be an exceptional challenge, the easiest way to track his movement from afar is to look for a text bubble icon that will appear on screen when players are near the building. In terms of free gifts, the first interaction with the wizard will reward players with some experience points and shield potions. Otherwise, he will remain tight-lipped, apart from an occasional comment based on his appearance.

Depending on which character skin they don, players can expect a more or less humorous comment from Doctor Strange, with the funniest remark being the one that rolls off his tongue when he sees a Spider-Man lookalike. He also has several items that he will gladly part with if players have enough in-game currency at their disposal. In total, Sorcerer Supreme charges 36 Gold Bars for Shockwave Grenades, 250 Gold Bars for a Rift Portal, and 500 Gold Bars for a Storm Scout Sniper.

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If the freebies and sale items available aren’t enough to satiate players’ curiosity, they can test their mettle against Doctor Strange in a one-on-one battle. Unfortunately, instead of returning fire with his ethereal abilities, the Sorcerer will use weapons from the Fortnite arsenal. During the confrontation, he will rely on the power of two different firearms, which also deal substantial damage. The enhanced accuracy that comes naturally to the mysterious Doctor will further contribute to the difficulty some players may experience when trying to take him down.

Once defeated, Doctor Strange will leave behind a Common Auto Shotgun, a Common Ranger Assault Rifle, and some AR ammo. For those looking to complete all entries in the Character Collection for Fortnite‘s Season 2, speaking to the Sorcerer Supreme at least once will ensure they have met the condition, after which they can interact with him as they see fit. Although not officially confirmed, Strange will likely be dropped after the season ends.

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