Everything you need to know about summoners in Minecraft

Everything you need to know about summoners in Minecraft

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The summoners are a hostile mob in Minecraft They only appear on certain occasions. This mob can be pretty dangerous, but they drop the prized Totem of the Undying; a rare item that gives you a second chance at life after an untimely death. Instead of attacking you head-on, Summoners can summon Vexes to deal damage.

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In this guide, we will review everything you need to know about Summoners. This will include spawn conditions, attack patterns, and potential drops. Evokers vary slightly from Java and Bedrock, but in general, they behave the same and can still drop Totem of the Undying.


Generation conditions

the evocators they only appear in Woodland Mansions or in raids. Let’s take a look at both below.

forest mansions

Woodland Mansions are large wooden structures that appear in the Dark Forest Biome. In general, these mansions are weird Y they don’t usually spawn near the world’s spawn point (0,0).

Evokers have a chance to spawn inside mansion rooms, but will not respawn after defeat. This means that once you clear a Woodland Mansion, the summoners will not spawn again.


Evokers will start spawning once you get to wave five of a raid. The number of waves a raid has depends on the difficulty level. If you’re playing on an easy difficulty world, raids will only have three waves, which means no summoners will spawn.

Once you get to wave five of a raid, the summoners will start spawning. After reaching wave seven, Evokers will also start riding Ravagers. The combination of these two mobs is very dangerous, so if you see them together, it is best to eliminate them quickly.


Unlike other mafias, Evokers will not attack you directly with a weapon. Instead, they will summon Vexes and fangs.

When an Evoker is about to summon, it will Raise your arms above your head and you will see swirling particles appear. Let’s take a look at the two attacks below.

fang attacks

  • Particle Color: Purple
    • Accompany with a low pitched horn sound

Fang attacks are summoned directly from the ground, dealing damage to any player above. These can be avoided by simply walking away. If you get caught in a fang attack, you will take six hearts of damage, which remains constant for each difficulty level.

Evokers will summon fangs in a straight line from them, but if you are close enough they will summon fangs in a circle around them.

summoning of old

  • Particle Color: White
    • Accompany with a high pitched horn sound

Dislikes are small flying mobs that appear in groups of three. A spawned Vex will appear holding an iron sword, which is used to attack the player. Oldies can pass through any type of block without taking damage; this includes lava and bedrock.

When a Summoner starts to summon more Vexes, the previously summoned ones will not disappear, however after about 30 seconds the Vex will take damage and start dying.

Sheep wool color change

When inactive, summoners will change the color of a sheep’s wool from blue to red. This occurs if the blue sheep is 16 blocks from Evocator. While doing this, the Summoner will also sing ‘wololo!’.

Although this is very impractical, it is fun reference to Age of Empires. In this game, priest units can convert enemy units, which changes the color of their uniform. While doing this, the priest units will chant ‘wololo!’ as well as.


Lastly, let’s take a look at what an Evoker drops. This mob will have a 100 percent chance of dropping a Totem of Undying. This is an item that save you from death if you hold it while dying. When you die while holding this item, it will appear on your screen accompanied by a noise similar to thunder.

After using the Totem of Undying, you will recover all your HP and gain the following benefits.

  • Regeneration II
  • Fire resistance I
  • Absorption II

Evokers are the only mob in the game to drop this, which makes it pretty rare. Also, the Evoker does not have to be killed by a player to drop this. This means you can set up a raid farm that kills summoners via fall damage and you still get totems.

Upon death, summoners will also drop the following materials.

  • 0 to 1 Emerald
  • 10 Experience
    • If you die from the following:
      • Player
      • tame wolf
      • iron Golem
  • sinister banner
    • If Evoker is a raid leader

That’s all there is to know about Evokers! In general, the main reason to search this mob is to get Totems of Undying. If you’re playing in a hardcore world, it might be worth killing a summoner or two, so you can get your hands on this totem.

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