Wolverine, Spider-Man and Fortnite Heroes battle dinosaurs in New Art

Wolverine, Spider-Man and Fortnite Heroes battle dinosaurs in New Art

The heroes of the Marvel and Fortnite universes search for the zero fragment, but they must also coexist to avoid being eaten by the dinosaurs.

Marvel regulars like Glutton Y Spiderman (among others) are ready to fight side by side with the basic elements of the Fortnite game franchise in a new five-part limited series. The series in question Fortnite x Marvel: War Zerosees fan-favorite characters from both Marvel and Fortnite with a common goal in mind, all in search of the elusive Zero Shard. In addition to Wolverine and Spider-Man, the series also promises appearances from the likes of Shuri and Iron Man, as well as the much more villainous Stegron.

Stegron, in classic Marvel lore, is the doctor who experimented on himself using dinosaur DNA while studying the Savage Land, the secret prehistoric island hidden deep in Antarctica that is home to dinosaurs. Inspired by Dr. Curt Conners’ experiments to become Spider-Man’s arch-rival The Lizard, former Dr. Vincent Stegron inexplicably turned into a humanoid stegosaurus.


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Now, in the upcoming third issue of Fortnite x Marvel: War Zero, Stegron takes center stage as the heroes and their search for the Zero Shard take them to the Savage Land, where they must battle dinosaur hybrids to survive. The most interesting as teased in WonderfulThe Stegron preview is that Stegron won’t be the only villain caught in the crosshairs of the heroes. In the same preview comes a cover reveal featuring Spider-Man, Wolverine, Shuri, and more. Fortnite, jonesy. With the first issue due out June 1, Fortnite x Marvel: War Zero Issue #3 of Christos Gage, Donald Mustard, and Sergio Davila will be available everywhere comics are sold beginning August 17.


This cover story reveal is particularly interesting because previous reports about the Fortnite wonder x The miniseries suggested that the heroes of Fortnite and the heroes of Marvel would likely be in conflict with each other, more than anything. After all, if both sides share the common goal of wanting shard zero, they would have to be in some kind of conflict if only one side can have that shard. However, the cover shows them working side by side to fend off the dinosaurs. If the two sides do end up in conflict, it will be interesting to see not only how they end up deciding to team up, but also how they come to the Savage Land from the classic. Fortnite island map.

Stay tuned for more action from wolverine spider-man, and other Marvel greats in Fortnite x Marvel: War Zero #3, coming soon to digital stores and local comic shops starting August 17.

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