Where to find the shield bubble

Where to find the shield bubble

The shield bubble is a utility item that was added to Fortnite in August 2019, only to be vaulted two months later. That said, Shield Bubbles have now returned to the Battle Royale feel, though they may only be available for a limited time. For those players who would like to use a shield bubble on Fortnite Before you head back to the vault, if that happens to be your destination, details on the item’s origin can be found in this guide.

Fortnite: Shield Bubble Location

Players on the hunt for a shield bubble should simply keep their eyes on the floor loot that appears in each location through FortniteIn fact, the item’s map has a chance of appearing in the midst of these random spawns, and fans who persist in their searches will eventually find one. However, this is only the case until the end of the day on Monday, May 16, as that is when the Shield Bubble will return to the vault.


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However, this may be another temporary absence for the item, as the community will have the opportunity to vote for Shield Bubble’s more permanent inclusion in loot. Voting is expected to start next week, and will see Shield Bubble take on Balloons, who also emerged from the vault for the weekend. Players who want to participate in that decision should make sure to stock up on some gold bars at Fortniteas they will be used to cast votes.

Fortnite: how to use the shield bubble

Regarding how to use a shield bubble once it has been obtained, the item can be thrown like a grenade. Upon landing, Shield Bubble will create a large dome around itself that cannot be pierced by shots or explosives. As such, the interior of a dome can be a good place to Fortnite players to find safety, though Shield Bubble’s effects will dissipate after only 30 seconds.

To note, it is possible to make a Shield Bubble mobile by attaching it to a vehicle in Fortnite. Players can also edit the item while it is on the ground if they wish. While time will tell if this functionality is enough for Shield Bubble to take the win over balloons in the next vote, it can certainly make the item quite powerful under the right circumstances.

Fortnite It’s free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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