Tips for finding buried treasure maps in the game

Tips for finding buried treasure maps in the game

treasure maps have the opportunity to contain heart of the sea, one of the rarest crafting materials. Buried treasures are items that are naturally generated in Minecraft. They are usually located on the beaches, buried at a certain depth. And the way to reach them is through treasure maps. Players can find these maps at shipwrecks or exchange them via cartographers in exchange for some items. Our Minecraft guide will tell you the best ways to get Buried Treasure maps.

How to find buried treasure maps in minecraft

In the massive, procedural world of Minecraft, it’s certainly not a good idea to randomly dig in hopes of finding a hidden chest. The best thing to do is get a buried treasure map or explorer map. There are two ways to get these maps:

1. Trade

apprentice level cartographer villagers sell ocean explorer maps for 13 emeralds and a Compass. Some conditions depend on the version you are playing on.

minecraft treasure map
Image via Mojang Studios
  • In java edition, each cartographer sells his exclusive explorer map, pinpointing the closest location. Purchasing another explorer map from the same cartographer results in the same explorer map.
  • In it bedrock editioncartographers sell maps that point to the nearest treasure location, regardless of whether it has been explored or mapped by another cartographer.

2. Natural Generation

Treasure maps naturally spawn from underwater ruins or shipwrecks. Shipwrecks are more difficult to locate, but have the added bonus of always containing a treasure map. Underwater Ruins, on the other hand, have a chance of 41.7% opportunity in small chests and 43.5% in large chests to spawn, so it’s a waste of time most of the time.

minecraft buried treasure map
Image via Mojang Studios

There is an easier way to locate shipwrecks, wrecks and buried treasures through dolphins. Once you tame a dolphin and gain its trust by feeding it raw cod either Salmon. Depending on the number of fish fed, it will start to interact with the player.

minecraft dolphin
Image via Mojang Studios

This confidence will allow players to ride and follow their dolphins, who will lead them to the nearest shipwrecks, ruins, and buried treasures. Since dolphins look for chests, rather than structures, once you destroy the chest after attacking it, the dolphin will take you to the next chest.

How to locate buried treasure in Minecraft

Once the map is obtained, when looking, the White Point indicates the position of the player and a red x It’s where the treasure is buried. Just move towards the treasure, the top of the map is always north. Press F3 on your keyboard to display the direction you are facing and proceed accordingly. Players can start digging once they have reached the location. They are mostly buried under some material, depending on the treasure spawn location.

minecraft treasure map
Image via Mojang Studios

Crafting items to watch out for in treasure chests

One of the most sought after crafting items is found in treasure chests, i.e. heart of the sea. It’s a rare item, a lighthouse-like block that you can turn into a conduit attacking hostile underwater mobs. Conduits can be activated at any biome and in any depth. About him bedrock edition of Minecraft, players have a chance to get an additional item, chainmail armor pieces, a special set of iron armor that cannot be crafted.

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