The best games to play while listening to ASMR

The best games to play while listening to ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR it’s a relatively new, yet exciting element that players are adding to their game time. People get ASMR when someone speaks in a low, slow, soft voice, causing a tingling sensation that people around them can feel. It also makes gaming a less stressful pastime because gamers can remain calm at all times and in turn perform much better. The ASMR trend has been around for a number of years and more and more content creators have gravitated towards making these types of videos, leaving so many options for gamers to have while playing the game.

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As ASMR becomes more popular, many game makers are developing games with that community in mind, which means there are a plethora of games that complement the ASMR videos players have played in the background and emphasize the tone and the mood of the players. they are playing at the moment. With that in mind, here are some great games that gamers can play while listening to those relaxing ASMR videos.


5 Minecraft

One of the best games to play while players listen to some ASMR, Minecraft it’s a fairly calm game for players mainly because there is no linearity, which means that players can do whatever they want. Because players can get lost in the world of Minecraft For hours listening to ASMR makes things much more enjoyable as it makes the player feel less overwhelmed by doing everything the game has to offer.

Besides that, Minecraft its also a slow moving game at times which can make things boring at times so if players have an ASMR video in the background then Minecraft comes to life, but this aspect is contextual. Besides, Minecraft is a game that revolves around the world that the players are creating as the player pays attention to take over the world with the help of ASMR video the story is conveyed much better because the calmness of ASMR matches the calmness of Minecraft and generally makes things very fun to play in the end.

4 Inside

The disturbing and strange Inside can also make any ASMR video weird, with minimal sound and effects, ASMR style creator voice impact the gameplay of Inside. the style of Inside is one of the best things that complements and enhances the ASMR video that they are watching because just like Inside the video can have this calm with an undertone of unease that can make the game that much scarier.

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This helps Inside because the game itself is conveyed through the action of what the player is doing and if players are listening to an ASMR video while playing the game then things are much more noticeable and that makes things clearer for the player . Inside It’s already a great game for many reasons, the style, the tone, the story all about Inside it feels very different from many games in the same genre and this new ASMR content emphasizes that because not many games can work with this style of video.

3 mirror edge

The good of mirror edge is that gamers can play an ASMR video in the background and have smoother playback time because mirror edge it’s about finding a rhythm, and players who have a video playing will find that rhythm better. Although mirror edge never got the third entry fans wanted, there is still a lot of content and gameplay to enjoy while listening to ASMR, including time trials and side quests, and many other things found in a free run game. Not just in gameplay, but visually like the other games on this list, mirror edge it looks amazing, and the style is emphasized throughout ASMR videos in some great ways.

The hustle and bustle of the city is reduced by the calmness of the ASMR creator the player is listening to, which helps make mirror edge seems less stressful because it’s mostly trial and error and since the player will miss their steps most of the time, listening to ASMR helps players not lose their composure when playing Mirror edge. Listening to ASMR will not only help gamers relax while playing the game, but it will also help gamers get through the game faster by making gamers feel less frustrated, which mirror edge has made many players.

two Hike to Yomi

This 2.5D side scroller packs a lot for a small game and listening to ASMR makes things that much better while playing. Hike to Yomi will get players frustrated quite easily due to the somewhat steep learning curve which can increase play time and listening to ASMR allows players to digest what Hike to Yomi has to offer. Most of the game consists of fighting and timing the stops, and Hike to Yomi it can be pretty unforgiving, so having an ASMR video playing while playing makes things a lot more manageable for gamers.

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The unique tone, style, and the tribute to legendary director Akira Kurosawa can certainly make ASMR video much better, which in turn can make Hike to Yomi much more fun though, because Hike to Yomi it’s all about the details, listening to ASMR while playing can be distracting for players, so to combat that, players need to listen to one that doesn’t take too much of that out of the world but at the same time keeps them calm.

one Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

A game that primarily requires listening to convey its story is best done while listening to ASMR, whereas music or any other type of media will take the player out of the world of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice so an ASRM video fits perfectly with this game which is considered one of the best psychological horror games to date. For Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Being a smaller game than most others of its kind, it offers a compelling story of redemption.

Playing while listening to ASMR helps gamers overcome the many aspects of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice the most important being the puzzles and how there are few to no prompts on how to do it unless players are listening to the cryptic voices in the character’s head. While listening to ASMR the puzzles are more tangible, players can easily crack them without losing patience, which is something that Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice requires. However, players should keep in mind that listening to ASMR will help them overcome Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice but you shouldn’t rely entirely on them because the game needs players to listen before they act.

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