Games that build better than Minecraft

Games that build better than Minecraft

Games like Planet Coaster and No Man’s Sky can offer a lot that Minecraft can’t when it comes to building, like better tools and graphics.

the creativity of Minecraft community may seem unmatched, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives for those looking for different building experiences. In fact, some games have communities that have pushed the software to the limit to build wonderful structures that still amaze people years after they were created. The rival sandbox games Minecraft they are games that have earned a reputation for having communities and built-in sharing capabilities that have produced some amazing designs that have been thoroughly explored by other players.

While Survival’s action-oriented gameplay will always be present in Minecraft To give players a break from creating complex architecture and redstone contraptions, there are better games that allow for creative freedom. Many have systems that allow players to build more realistic or detailed structures and bases on world seeds than Minecraft. All of these games exist on a scale from accessibility to complexity, and many are more difficult to understand, but the ceiling for creativity in all of these titles is higher than Minecraft.


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There may never be a sandbox game that captures MinecraftIt’s a simple yet infinitely upgradeable experience, but these games produce results that definitely give you a run for your money. Its tools provide a higher level of detail, and its art styles better mimic the real world. In the case of mechanics, activated effects and gadgets, these games also go much further than Mojang’s game and are easier to learn than MinecraftComplex redstone calculations.

Planet Coaster’s construction tools allow players to design detailed worlds

A building made with Planet Coaster

Coaster PlanetThe accessibility of may seem good enough at first, but the game has a lot of depth hidden under the surface of its cheery managerial exterior. With advanced motion tools and basic shapes available, players can sculpt completely custom buildings and sculptures and create coasters with animated smoke effects and custom videos. The amount of detail that players can achieve puts MinecraftThe appearance of blocks in place and the cameras allow others to explore these worlds as if they were inhabited.

The build ceiling in this game is astronomically high, especially given the ability to import Blender objects into the game if you’re skilled enough. The level of detail has limits based on processing power, which is not a problem for Minecraft even with shaders, but it’s easy to get absorbed in building a ride once you’ve learned the basics of movement. The only downside to this game is that the amount of time it takes to create something beautiful can be extensive, but the roller coaster camera and sharing features make the experience worthwhile.

No Man’s Sky has become the base building game to play in 2022

After some initial backlash and one of gaming’s most recent and well-known comeback stories, no man’s sky has gone above and beyond what many players expected and has been adding base building elements since its Foundation Update to complement its exploratory gameplay, much of it with great success. no man’s sky is an expansive exploratory RPG and has allowed base building for a while, but 3D building gives players the freedom to use panels and build in an environment with fewer constraints. With the ability to design rooms with specific functions such as Minecraft, no man’s sky it allows players to live in their homes and use them in ways that will pay off later in the game.

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The construction process can be a bit more daunting, as each panel is not a cubic block, but it allows buildings to look more natural and feel integrated into their surroundings. no man’s skyThe camera system of has similarities with Fortnite, but blocking is more specific and the game has many styles of building pieces in addition to walls. With practice, the structures in no man’s sky can reflect many modern styles and be more useful than MinecraftThe often decorative structures and ruins of the ancient city.

Super Mario Maker 2 has a lot of mechanical creativity

Claws holding enemies in Super Mario Maker 2

super mario 2 maker It may seem limited to just building Mario levels, but the level editor has a surprising amount of depth that has allowed people to create fun mini-games and Rube Goldberg-style machines. The “track” pieces, as well as the on/off switch, allow designers to create simple logic loops that can be used to automate specific parts of the level. The player has to experiment a lot to understand how each enemy and object interacts with each other, but once this is done, the level design possibilities open up considerably.

Projectile launchers can be used to repeatedly flip switches on and off, and Monty Moles can be used to create cues that keep track of player positions. Whether players want to create a troll level that forces players to traverse gadgets or an exciting platform level that changes as Mario repeatedly dies in the game, super mario 2 maker enables a tactile sense of game design and mechanical creativity not available in Minecraft. Plus, with an in-game sharing feature that encourages players to vote on levels, there’s a real sense of accomplishment in building a level that everyone loves.

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Outside of the realm of the software’s built-in editing tools, people with enough experience using these games to program and create can use software like Unity, Blender, Source, and other powerful engines to modify games and create entirely new experiences. Hacking old games or even modding can be a great way to improve games that people love without using in-game tools. Many of the best levels and upgrades in Gate 2, Obligations, warcraftand even Minecraft they have been mods created by the community. These games are definitely less user-friendly when it comes to offering level creation tools, but the results may be unlike anything the developers of these games have to offer.

There are many games that allow players to share their own creations and Minecraftyou it still has its place among those titles. Joining these gaming communities can be daunting, but MinecraftThe old Survival mode will allow new players to get familiar with the construction mechanics. However, once someone develops a skill set in a particular game, the only limit becomes inspiration and personal ingenuity. after mastering Minecraftaspiring engineers, game designers, and architects may want to give these games a try to see if they stand the test of time.

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