8 Things You Didn’t Know About Endermen

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Endermen

Congratulations, you have built an earthen house. You have mastered the art of one of the best survival games ever created. The world around you is your oyster. Everything is possible. You think to yourself “What if this dirt house was made of wood?”. Suddenly the trees look terribly cut. However, you quickly run into a six-foot monstrosity. He looks at you, you look at him, and before you know it you’re wishing you had stayed inside your dirt house.

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The Endermen, named after that very skinny guy who chases you through a forest because he has nothing better to do with his time, are a fantastic mob in Minecraft. Everyone knows them and everyone is terrified of them. However, it is very likely that you do not know everything about these tall men. From saying “Hello” to being Dark Souls experts, here are some fun facts about the Endermen that probably won’t help you sleep better at night.


8 They hate underwater levels as much as you do.

Remember those fun Mario levels where you had to float underwater? You know, the ones that everyone really hates? Well, apparently the Endermen do too, since they’ve now developed a phobia of water. While these seemingly indestructible foes are resistant to many attacks, the one thing they simply can’t stand is being near water.

Anything wet, keep it away from these horrible beings. Or, actually, get as close to them as possible as if they were the aliens from Signs. Endermans are affected by rain, water, or any other liquid, so you’ll often see them constantly teleporting whenever it rains. If you want to protect your home from these people, consider building a lava or water moat around it. Frankly, that’s just good life advice, but it’s especially necessary when it comes to Endermen.

7 They can’t see through a pumpkin costume

It’s fair to say that Endermen aren’t the smartest tools in the shed. Like most mobs in the game, his entire life seems to revolve around circling and attacking you. Funny! Sure, his teleportation abilities are incredibly useful and could be used forever. But why do that when you can fly harassing random people?

In fact, the Endermen are so incomprehensibly dumb that when it comes to telling the difference between a pumpkin and you, they don’t really know the difference. If you wear a carved pumpkin helmet, Endermen will no longer attack you if you choose to look at them. Which, of course, is pretty nifty and useful in a pinch.

6 Endermen hunt in packs.

Fighting an Enderman is not a fun experience. They teleport around, attack relentlessly, and look pretty terrifying while doing it. And all just because you looked them in the eye? How unfair! However, if you thought fighting one was bad, well, let’s just say you’re in for a real treat. Endermen usually, though not always, hunt in packs.

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Depending on the area they spawn in, Endermans can arrive in groups of up to four. Imagine facing four Endermen at once. The horror! Of course, this will not always be the case. Sometimes it can just be a solo Enderman who told his family that he was going to make his way in the big city while he was listening to Celine Dion’s All By Myself. However, if you find yourself with four at once, you might consider running far, far away. Just a thought.

5 Gets too loud when assaulted

You know that feeling when you get mad and grow like six inches? Do not? Oh, then you must not be an Enderman. You see, when the Endermen get mad at you for looking at their beautiful purple eyes, their heads go up. While this looks absolutely terrifying, it can have an adverse effect on your chasing ability.

When in aggressive mode, Endermen can no longer fit into three by three spaces due to their larger size. So if you do run into a cave in an attempt to escape, don’t worry about missing that third block. The Enderman’s head will be too big to get through. It’s pretty fun to watch and almost makes you forget how scary these creatures can be, just like these Endermen-based memes.

4 They are aware of their faces

It’s commendable how confident the Endermen are of their bodies. You can stare at their torso and legs for as long as you like and they won’t attack you. Sure, you probably shouldn’t be staring at people’s legs and torsos for an indefinite amount of time in real life, but in Minecraft, the Endermen appreciate it.

However, if you move the crosshairs higher, you’re in trouble. One look at her face and the Endermen will turn around faster than you can say “Sorry, I was actually looking at something behind you!”. That’s right, the only time the Endermen will actually attack is if you’re looking them right in the face. Otherwise, they’re happy to show off their summer bodies all day, every day.

3 they just want to say hello

Is it possible that the Endermen have a bit of a bad reputation? Sure, they’re after you as the Terminator, and otherwise they’re pretty creepy guys. But are they all that bad? After all, aren’t they really trying to say hello?

Well, if you listen closely, you might hear that their weird noises are actually nice greetings. After a lot of detective work and some fancy audio editing that’s so involved we won’t bore you with the details, we definitely didn’t just invert the sounds. it almost sounds like the Endermen are saying “Hello”, “Hello”, and “What’s up?”. So the next time you think of killing an Enderman just so you can steal their pearls, just remember, all they want is a friend.

two Notch named them after a Reddit thread

Companies tend to let their communities name things. Does anyone remember Boaty McBoatface? We make. Well, Notch, the developer of Minecraft, had a similar idea. While the Endermen were originally going to be called Farlanders, in a reddit post someone made the connection between these handsome tall guys and Slenderman.

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In response, Notch decided to call them the Endermen with a community poll deciding between the two names and ultimately confirming it. While Farlanders certainly sounds good, Endermen is easily the creepier name of the two. So, thanks to Reddit, the Endermen’s legacy as Slenderman’s odd twin lives on.

one They clearly play Dark Souls as their Dodge is flawless

Have you ever wondered what Endermen do when you’re not playing Minecraft? Well, if you had guessed playing Dark Souls then you would probably be right. You see, Endermen are experts at dodging just about any projectile attack.

If you shoot an arrow at them, throw a snowball at them, or wildly throw eggs at them, they will immediately teleport away. It’s a pretty impressive ability, but it can be beaten. If you have Xbox or any other console version of Minecraft, you can apparently hit an Enderman with a projectile by aiming slightly above his head. Look, we are not mythbusters, you will have to try it for yourself. If you dare!

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