The best advantages that complement the loads

The best advantages that complement the loads

Without a doubt, the Obligations franchise has dominated gaming charts since its debut in 2003. And with each new Obligations game, the various developers working on it introduce new features that keep the franchise fresh and fun for both casual and expert gamers. Especially when games like call of duty: war zone they have massive events featuring Godzilla and King Kong.

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and even mobile call of duty gives gamers a nearly identical experience to what PC and console gamers have while playing the latest Obligations entry. And that’s because mobile call of duty it retains many features that previous games have had, such as the Perk system. But there are a few differences players need to be aware of if they want to make it to the top of the leaderboard.


9 Light – Level 1

Level Unlock:

Standing still in a match will be an easy pick for veteran COD players, so players will need to be on the move if they want to consistently win. This is why players do well using the lightweight perk as it increases sprint speed by 10%, which can help you escape firefights or help flank enemy positions during sprints. competitive matches.

The light weight perk also reduces fall damage, but there are hardly any tall buildings on any of the maps on mobile call of dutyso that benefit is negligible.

8 Tracker – Level 2

Level Unlock:

Knowing where an enemy player is can be the key to winning a match (a tip that most pro players agree with wholeheartedly), so the Tracker perk is almost necessary, as it shows enemy footprints during 4 seconds. But of course, players can also use this buff defensively, as knowing where an enemy went means you know where not to go.

Unfortunately, despite being a powerful buff, players can counter it by using other buffs like Cold Blood. Therefore, players must not rely solely on this advantage, but must learn to be aware of their surroundings.

7 Absolute Silence – Level 3

Level Unlock:

In addition to being aware of their surroundings, listening for sound cues is another way players can gain essential information about where an enemy player is coming from. Therefore, players can limit the amount of information they provide to their rivals by using the Dead Silence Perk.

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Dead Silence Perk dampens all walking, crouching, and prone movements, which can be useful if players want to get ahead of their opponents. But of course, the run is not muted, so players need to be careful when running as enemy players will still hear their movements.

6 Bulletproof Vest – Level 1

Level Unlock:

Grenades and C4 have always been a staple in the Obligations multiplayer arena, as they can turn the tide in certain firefights, especially when paired with the right assault rifle. Fortunately, players can counter these types of explosive equipment using the Flak Jacket Perk, as it reduces explosive damage by 35%.

Also, this perk protects players from any explosion, be it from a C4 or a Rocket Launcher. But, the Flak Jacket Perk does not protect players from Molotov cocktails, so players should stay away from any player using them.

5 Ghost – Level 2

Level Unlock:

One of the most common scores is the UAV, as it reveals the position of each enemy player on the minimap. And while that might seem like an OP score streak, players can easily counter it by using Ghost Perk as it hides them from UAVs.

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Once players take that information away, the enemy team will have to take on objectives blindfolded, making it easier to surprise them. And the only way players can counter Ghost is by using an advanced UAV that costs several thousand points.

4 High Alert – Level 3

Level Unlock:

Snipers have always been plentiful in FPS games, especially in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale game mode. But, players can use High Alert Perk to avoid being attacked by enemy players as it alerts players whenever an enemy targets them.

Additionally, whenever a player aims down sights with the High Alert Perk, it marks enemies, hostile teams, and even scorestreaks on the minimap. And the best part is that anything marked with High Alert Perk will also appear on an allied player’s minimap, making it the perfect support perk.

3 Replenish – Level 1

Level Unlock:

As mentioned above, deadly gear like grenades, Molotov cocktails, and C4 can turn the tide of a match, as a single piece of gear can take down an entire team. And while players have a limited amount of deadly gear per match, players can change that by using the Resupply perk, as it recharges most deadly gear after 25 seconds.

The only downside to the Restock Perk is that some tactical gear doesn’t reload, meaning this perk is more suited to players with an aggressive playstyle.

two In cold blood – Level 2

Level Unlock:

There are powerful scorestreaks in each Obligations game that can take down entire teams, especially AI controlled ones like Sentry Gun or Hunter Killer Drone. But players can avoid getting knocked down by one of these AI controlled scorestreaks by using the Cold-Blooded Perk.

And that’s because Cold-Blooded Perk makes the player invisible to AI controlled scorestreaks. Unfortunately, this perk doesn’t prevent manually controlled scorestreaks, so players will need to deal with them by other means.

one Tactical Mask – Level 3

Level Unlock:

Although tactical equipment has not always been a staple in the Obligations franchise, changed once multiplayer became more competitive, allowing players to make more tactical moves in matches.

And that’s why the Tactical Mask Perk is perhaps the best perk players can use, as it reduces the effects by 40% of any tactical gear, like Stun or EMP Grenades. Players can use this perk with one of many powerful secondary weapons to break through targets guarded by players wearing tactical gear.

call of duty: mobile is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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