Minecraft removes features from The Wild Update, disappointing fans

Minecraft removes features from The Wild Update, disappointing fans

The upcoming Minecraft Wild update has cut out some promised features, like fireflies and revised birch groves, making the update feel tame.

Developer Mojang has revealed that Minecraft next wild update will no longer update birch forest and swamps or include fireflies. The procedurally generated sandbox survival game was released in 2011, but Mojang continues to improve and expand the game with regular free updates. Announced in October 2021, the next wild update for Minecraft will add lush mangroves along with a terrifying underground region called the Deep Dark.

Last year Minecraft Caves and cliffs update improved the generation of mountains and underground caves, and this year the wild update is meant to further embellish the blocky world of the game. Mangrove swamps are a new variety of swamps formed by large overgrown mangrove trees. The update will add frogs to the game to populate these areas, and players will be able to traverse the flooded biome with the help of a new boat equipped with chests. Meanwhile, the Deep Dark is a dangerous underground area filled with lost loot and patrolled by a powerful monster called the Warden. Other new content in Savage Minecraft Update it was meant to overhaul old biomes like birch forests and swamps, with biodiversity and immersion being the main theme of the entire expansion.


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Unfortunately, a recent Reddit post from Minecraft Java Technology Leader lime_slices has given rise to criticism of wild update. The post describes snapshot 22w19a, which gives Minecraft players a taste of what’s new wild update content, but the fans are not happy. In the comments Redditors express that the wild update does not live up to expectations, and is jokingly referred to by some as the minor update. The update apparently fails to overhaul birch forests and swamps, and atmospheric fireflies are a notable cutoff feature. the wild update mangrove swamps are also considered boring and empty, while Deep Dark does not reward players who dare to explore them.

Minecraft Wild Update Adds Frogs

While Deep Dark manages to create atmosphere and tension, fans feel that the ancient cities in the Savage Minecraft Update should contain more tempting loot. Players who find a way into the Deep Dark can loot chests scattered throughout the area’s ancient cities, but venturing there carries great risk. Sculk’s haunting blocks feed on death and can also alert the unstoppable Guardian to the player’s presence. Facing these dangers currently rewards players with a new enchantment, echo shards, and disk shards, which many consider not worth the risk.

Minecraft is known for its frequent free updates, but it seems that the wild update may not live up to fans’ expectations. Mojang promised that the update would overhaul old biomes and offer significant new ones, but right now Mangroves and Deep Dark appear to be lacking in significant content. The loss of fireflies also leaves birch forests and regular swamps feeling exactly the same, which ironically makes the Minecraft refresh feeling tame.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: lime_slices/Reddit

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