Will Resident Evil 8 DLC arrive in 2022?

Will Resident Evil 8 DLC arrive in 2022?

Capcom has confirmed that DLC is on the way for Resident Evil Village, but when will Resident Evil fans get a chance to experience it?

downloadable content for Resident Evil Village is on the way, and while Capcom has remained tight-lipped about the DLC content, the company has given a loose release window for when it arrives. Capcom announced the DLC for Resident Evil Village at E3 2021, which wasn’t all that surprising, as the base game was a critical and commercial success. However, despite an announcement, there are still no details on what the DLC may actually contain, which has left fans speculating in the meantime.

The DLC is likely going to the Resident Evil 7 route, and add short stories that focus on supporting characters. A new section that follows Chris during the first few hours of the story is a big possibility, especially since he had similar DLC on. Resident Evil 7. A DLC chapter starring Lady Dimitrescu as she chases Ethan through the castle would be a big seller, considering how popular she’s become with fans, despite her limited role in the story.


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Next year is going to be a big one for Capcom. The mega Man Y Street Fighter franchises are two of the games celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2022, The rise of the monster hunter is coming to PC, and Resident Evil Re:Verse could finally launch. downloadable content for Resident Evil Village It’s getting done, too, and its release should make Capcom’s year even busier.

Resident Evil 8 DLC will arrive in 2022

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Famitsu collected messages from several different developers at the end of 2021, so they could wish their fans a Happy New Year’s Eve and talk about their plans for the year ahead. Capcom mentioned in their message that the DLC for Resident Evil Village It will be released in 2022, so it should arrive this year, barring further delay. Resident Evil Village isn’t the only Capcom game to receive a DLC update in 2022, as the company also mentioned the break the sun expansion for The rise of the monster hunterwhich will be released in the summer.

The content of the DLC is still unknown, but what is known is that part of it will be free. Capcom revealed that Resident Evil Village will have free DLC, but it’s unclear if it will be in the form of small updates released over time, similar to the free content updates in The rise of the monster hunter, or whether all downloadable content will be free. There will likely be a few small free DLC upgrades, along with a major paid DLC upgrade or Season Pass. In any case, the DLC for Resident Evil Village will be released in 2022.

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