Top 6 Game-Changing Mods for Minecraft PE

Top 6 Game-Changing Mods for Minecraft PE

In Minecraft, very few things can change the game. Despite having 18 major updates, with 19 on the way soon, the game has remained relatively the same over the last 13 years. It debuted in 2009 and has changed, but the gameplay remains pretty much the same. Mods and plugins were introduced to change all that.

There are mods that can do all sorts of things. A popular mod is the Origins mod, which allows players to experience the life of a ghost or other mobs. Mods can effectively do anything the creator wants.

Many of these completely change the game and make it almost completely new. Mods are usually used in Java Edition, but some plugins do similar things for Bedrock Edition. Here are some game changes to try Pocket Edition.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: game-changing mods to try

7) Pixelmon Bedrock v1.1.0

Pixelmon mod (Image via MC-Addons)
Pixelmon mod (Image via MC-Addons)

Nothing changes the game quite like turning it into Pokémon. Pixelmon is one of the most popular mods out there. Pokémon is a very popular game and naturally it has been carried over to Minecraft. This mod gives crafters the opportunity to try it out on mobile devices, whereas normally mods like this are exclusive to Java Edition. Catching, training, evolving and more are available in this mod.

6) Klombos Complement

Klombo (Image via Epic Games)
Klombo (Image via Epic Games)

Minecraft players who have also played Fortnite in the last two seasons will be familiar with the adorable creatures that inhabit the island. Klombos instantly became a fan-favorite creature, so much so that someone decided to add them to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

This addon introduces this new mob. It also allows him to be tamed with bones, just like wolves. He also has different textures for his various emotions, which makes him a great addition.

5) Addon More minerals tools

New ores and tools (Image via Mcaddons)
New ores and tools (Image via Mcaddons)

One thing Minecraft lacks is a variety of tools. Various minerals and items are already in the game that could make beautiful tools, such as copper or emerald. Despite player requests, these are not available.

Fortunately, this addon fixes that and adds even more minerals for crafting weapons. Users can craft great axes and hammers and use new minerals like palladium or mithril.

4) Best Mob Animations Resource Pack

The mob animations are not the best part of this version of the game simply due to a general lack. With this mod, villagers will be able to move their hands when walking, zombies will get a swimming animation, and wolves will be able to get excited and have a new sitting animation. Various cool animations can be added to Minecraft with this great plugin.

3) Block Armor Pocket Edition Addon

Enter caption There are 23 new armor types in this mod (Image via MCPEDL)
Enter caption There are 23 new armor types in this mod (Image via MCPEDL)

Emerald armor is something that many players have been asking for in Minecraft for a long time. That, as of now, hasn’t been added and doesn’t even seem like a real consideration.

In this mod, there are 23 new types of armor, each with different perks, including but not limited to:

  • Amethyst (Regeneration)
  • Bedrock (Unbreakable)
  • Copper Block (Lightning)
  • Diamond Block (Resistance)
  • Emerald Block (Speed)
  • End Stone (Levitation)
  • Quartz (Speed)
  • Redstone block (haste)
  • Slime (jump boost)
  • Wool (slow fall

2) Pet Furniture V3

Pets are a big part of the game. Almost every player tames a wolf (or several) and cats. They only provide a small advantage, but they are a lot of fun. What they need is furniture, like a dog bed or bowl.

This plugin satisfies that, adding pet beds, gates, kennels, bowls, and more. The most recent update to the plugin provided crafters with walkways that can be placed on the wall for their kitties to walk on.

1) Plug-in Yamaha YA-1

Yamaha YA-1 (Image via MCPEDL)
Yamaha YA-1 (Image via MCPEDL)

Another thing Minecraft lacks is vehicles. Apart from the ships, there are none. This mod solves that problem and adds one of the best vehicles it could: a motorcycle. This motorcycle can also come in several different colors.

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