Minecraft could return to fireflies in a larger wildlife update

Minecraft could return to fireflies in a larger wildlife update

The next Minecraft The update can be seen in two halves. For one thing, it emphasizes a terrifying new biome tucked away at the bottom of the world, teeming with treasure and new threats alike. On the other hand, it has a lot to do with adjusting the experience of the Minecraft overworld, specifically in Minecraft swamps Players can look forward to frogs, mangroves, and mud blocks that will make swamps appear more detailed and realistic than ever. However, Mojang has scrapped a planned swamp feature: fireflies. Since real-life frogs can’t eat some fireflies, Mojang decided to remove these bioluminescent bugs from the next update.


It’s a shame to think that the fireflies won’t come to Minecraft after all, since they would have been a great help in improving the atmosphere of the swamps. However, hope is not entirely lost for the fireflies. On the contrary, these insects would be an excellent new mob to include in the future. Minecraft update which is about adding new wildlife. Mojang has come up with many new ideas about the mob in recent years without implementing them; it’s time for the studio to revisit these ideas and put them into the game. Minecraft deserves a major wildlife update that gives the fireflies a new lease on life.

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Minecraft Landscape Evolution

In recent years, Mojang has added many new Minecraft mobs that make the desert of the game more attractive. Whether it’s the fish and dolphins of Update Aquatic or the axolotls and goats of Caves and Cliffs Part One, all sorts of creatures have joined the ranks of Minecraft. Each of these mobs is crucial to the game. No matter how many unique block types a biome includes, a biome without special mobs to populate it is sure to feel barren. That’s why MinecraftThe next changes in the swamp are very important. Swamps may already feature slimes in large numbers, but frogs will make swamps even more dynamic, and fireflies would have helped do the same.

Mojang would be wise to give Fireflies a second chance, especially if it’s a major wildlife update. The company has had plans to add new wildlife mobs to Minecraft for quite some time; Mojang has laid out plans to add vultures in a badlands update, ostriches and termites in a Minecraft desert upgrade, and so on. Mojang might consider grouping these mobs into one big wildlife update for Minecraft, adding new life to a variety of locations rather than releasing an update that is all about a specific biome. Fireflies could easily be added to this type of wildlife upgrade, either still joining the swamp biome or spawning elsewhere in the Minecraft overworld

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The Savage Update Ongoing Changes

In theory, Mojang could decide to add more mobs for biomes like deserts and badlands as part of the Wild Update. The name of the update implies a general focus on MinecraftThe Mojang desert, so it would make sense if Mojang has more biome plans that he hasn’t revealed yet. Overall, though, the wild update will likely focus on swamps and the Deep Dark biome. If Mojang intended to update many other biomes at the same time, he probably would have said so when the wild update was announced. There’s no set release date for the wild update yet, so there may be time for some big surprises to join the update, but nothing is certain.

Regardless of whether the Wild update expands dramatically in the coming months, it’s unfortunate that the Fireflies are out of the picture. Even if they no longer served as a food source for frogs, fireflies would have been a delightful addition to the Minecraft world. The Wild update still has plenty of other features fans are hoping for, but the Fireflies will have to wait until Mojang finds a new purpose for them. Maybe they can be the icing on a future update that is about new Minecraft mobs

Minecraft It is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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