How to plant suckers in clusters of bomb craters

How to plant suckers in clusters of bomb craters

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One Fortnite The Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 8 quest involves travel to the burned craters scattered around Sagebrush Island and plant saplings over there. This challenge asks players to visit bomb sites with battle scars left in the wake of FortniteThe season-long conflict between the Seven and the IO, with the goal of bringing some life back to the ruins.

While it sounds simple on paper, players will need to keep a close eye on your minimap to reach the 20K XP reward for completing the challenge. This quest questions the players’ knowledge of FortniteThe ever-changing map encourages extensive exploration of areas fairly devoid of useful loot. This guide will help players find the bomb craters and the location of the planting areas. to finish the challenge.


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Where to find the bomb craters

There are currently five different bomb crater clusters. as of Week 8 of Chapter 3, Season 2. In each one, Loopers can find three different places to plant saplings.meaning they only need to visit one to complete the challenge.

There is two craters located south of Greasy Grove, two north of The Daily BugleY one southwest of The Joneses. At the time of writing, a bug prevents saplings from spawning on the site northeast of the Daily Bugleso players are advised to visit the other locations until a hotfix is ​​released.

Where to find the suckers

One of the easiest places to plant is to the southwest of Greasy Grove, as all three of these planting spots are clustered fairly close together. One is located on the northwest rim of the craters, another can be found in the northeast, and a final one in the far south.

Southeast of Greasy Grove is another easy place to complete this challenge. At the center of this group is a large crater, around which players can find saplings to the east, west, and south.

The suckers in The Joneses are much more spread out and hard to find, due to the large size of the pump site. For players in the area, one finds himself between a brazier and a fallen tree. near a pond on the eastern edge of the site.

Another is located directly west of this, near the dirt road that leads to the Tumbledown Temple. The last shoot is found near some tree stumps on the southwest side of the craters.

The site to the north of the Daily Bugle also features some fairly scattered sapling sites, though they don’t require as much zig-zagging around the map as The Joneses, as they can be found mostly in a straight line away from the house.

One is located south of the brick house, in the southernmost crater. between the two roads; another is located just north of the house next to a large bush down the dirt road, and final one is located in the northernmost crater.

Be sure to keep an eye on the minimap while looking for the saplings, as the little exclamation points are helpful for tracking exact locations. With this guide, players should have everything they need to complete the sapling planting quest, earn the 20,000 XP, and be well on their way to earning Chapter 3, the high-tier Season 2 cosmetics.

Fortnite It is currently available for Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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