How to get a goat horn in Minecraft (2022)

How to get a goat horn in Minecraft (2022)

Goats were introduced to Minecraft with the 1.17 update and they are pretty unique creatures. But aside from pushing mobs off cliffs, goats don’t really serve a purpose in the game. Fortunately, that’s about to change with the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 Wild update. Among the many unique features in this update, goats finally get an exclusive drop in the form of goat horns. And getting them is more fun than even using them. So let’s go ahead and learn how to get a goat horn in Minecraft using the easiest methods possible. From compatible blocks to the best techniques, we have included everything in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s get started and get goat horns in minecraft.

Obtain and use a goat horn in Minecraft (2022)

Before learning how to get a Goat Horn, we first need to understand its spawn mechanic. Therefore, we have divided our guide into several sections to make it easy to follow.

Note: Everything in this guide is based on the latest Minecraft Java Snapshot 21W19A. Some mechanics, mobs drops and mobs behavior may change in the official release.

What is a goat horn in Minecraft?

A goat’s horn is a musical instrument in minecraft it makes a unique sound when blown. It is the first official musical instrument in Minecraft. The sound a goat horn makes is loud and can be heard from a reasonable distance. You can use it to locate your friends on the best Minecraft servers. But if making loud noises isn’t enough for you, you can take its use one step further.

What is a goat horn?

Minecraft has 8 types of goat horns, and each of them has a unique sound. So, with practice and effort, you can even create an in-game gang with your friends. And since the developers are officially calling the goat horns an instrument, we may see more musical options in future updates.

Types of goat horns you can get

All types of goat horns look the same in the game and their names or types are based on the sound they make. Goats in Minecraft drop the following types of goat horns:

  • Reflect
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • Feel
  • Admire*
  • Call*
  • Yearn*
  • Sleep*

*It was only dropped by a screaming goat

How does a goat horn sound?

Each goat horn has a unique sound. Some of them sound like a war horn, while others sound like the howling of an animal. You can use the audio player below to listen to a Ponder the sound of the goat’s horn in Minecraft.

How to find a goat horn

The most reliable way to find goat horns is by visiting a looting post. The chests at Pillager Outposts always spawn with a goat’s horn. You just have to go pick it up. Although the type of goat horn can vary, you won’t come back empty handed. And while you’re there, you can also use the outpost to easily find Allay in Minecraft.

Keep in mind, though, that you can only find four Goat Horn variants at Pillager Outposts. These include:

To get your hands on the remaining four types of goat horns, you’ll need to find a specific type of goat, which we’ve discussed later in this guide.

How to get goat horns in Minecraft

Follow these steps to easily find goats, tame them and get goat horns in Minecraft:

1. Before you get a goat horn, you must first find a goat. Goats only spawn in mountain biomes in Minecraft. You can use our list of the best mountain seeds to find them quickly.

goats in the mountains

2. Once you find a goat, you need to keep it close and tame it. To do this, make fences in Minecraft and place them around the goats you have. You can use the wheat to make the goats follow you. Not forgetting that goats can jump very high. So make sure to add a roof to your structure. Alternatively, you can also make the structure move out of the target block to make it easier for the goats to ram it.

Goats on mangrove fences

3. Now, unlike other mobs, you you don’t have to kill the goat to get the goat horn. Instead, you have to wait for the goat to hit its head against a block in the mountain biome. Supported blocks include:

  • Copper mine
  • emerald ore
  • iron ore
  • packed ice
  • Rock

Among these, you can only break and place log blocks without much effort. For everything else, you’ll need a pickaxe with the silken touch enchantment.

4. Make a small wall with one of the compatible blocks. Then wait approx. 30 to 300 seconds facing the wall. When the goat is about to charge you, move out of the way and let it hit the wall. In this way, the goat will end dropping up to 2 goat horns. The type of horn will be completely random.

Goat charging a player in Minecraft

5. Finally, you just have to collect fallen goat horn approaching him. You can then equip it from your inventory and use the right mouse button or secondary action button to play the sound.

Use a goat horn in Minecraft

What is a screaming goat and how to find it?

Screaming goats are a rare variant of goats in Minecraft. They have a reproductive rate of less than 2% within any group of goats. You cannot visually differentiate between a screaming goat and a normal goat. Instead, screaming goats have a higher voice that almost feels like a scream, and also crash into blocks more oftenwhich makes it easy to get a goat’s horn.

You can’t do anything to make a screeching goat appear manually. But if you come across it in your Minecraft world, you can get the following rare types of goat horns:

Now the method of getting goat horns from the screaming goat is the same as the one you use for normal goats. So scroll back and check out the steps if you haven’t already.

Frequent questions

Can baby goats drop goat horns?

Only adult goats in Minecraft drop goat horns when colliding with a compatible block.

How many types of goat horns are there in Minecraft?

Minecraft has 8 types of goat horns, including Reflect, Sing, Seek, Feel, Admire, Call, YearnY Sleep. Each of them has a unique sound.

What are the chances of getting a goat horn in Minecraft?

If the goat has horns on its head and it collides with a compatible block, it will drop one horn at a time.

Can you get a goat horn by killing a goat?

Goats only drop experience orbs when they die. You have to turn the goat ram into solid blocks to get goat horns.

Do goat horns grow back?

We have not yet received an official response. But in our tests, we were unable to regrow any goat’s horns after having dropped the goat horns.

Get a goat horn and form a gang with friends in Minecraft!

Now that you know how to get a horn in Minecraft, it’s time to unite your crew and collect all its variants to form a gang. You can create your own Minecraft server to do it with peace of mind. But, if you don’t mind having strangers in your gang, the Hypixel minecraft server is the best place to do it. And while we’re talking about music in Minecraft, Allay and note blocks have a really interesting relationship, which you can read about using the linked article. You can use both to expand your collection with ease. Having said that, how do you plan to use the goat’s horn? Tell us in the comments below!

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