Games of the Year: Resident Evil Village Games of the Year: Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village feels like a Greatest Hits compilation from the Resident Evil series. The 2017 follow-up Resident Evil VII: Biohazard takes players to a remote town (to the Resident Evil 4) where they have to investigate through a haunted mansion (the original resident Evil) as returning lead Ethan Winters. Despite combining so many familiar aspects of the series, Resident Evil Village still finds a way to take new steps within this 25 year old franchise and proves that the future of Resident Evil is still very strong.

At first glance, it is difficult to see what Resident Evil Village Does that make it unique compared to previous titles? You’re tasked with exploring a new region, completing a bunch of puzzles, and doing so while trying to punch, kick, and shoot various undead baddies. Despite this familiarity, are the moments within Resident Evil Village that leave such a lasting impact despite the family structure. It’s been over six months since the game was first released and I’m still thinking about some of the wackiest things this game threw at me over the course of its runtime. Whether it’s the game’s chilling opening hour, its bombastic boss fights, or even the sheer awe of seeing a man put his hand back on his body through the power of health juice (I’m not kidding), there are literally dozens of moments in Village that would steal the show in other titles.

Where Resident Evil Village it differs from the previous installments comes with the types of enemies that you have to face. Instead of having to fight endless hordes of zombies, Village features more gothic horror enemies like werewolves and vampires. At first glance, the choice to include these enemies in Village It doesn’t make much sense, but the way Capcom approaches its inclusion ends up being one of the best components of the game. In fact, Village as a whole it finds some unique ways to tie in with the original games in the franchise as a way of making the larger universe feel more cohesive. It’s a move on Capcom’s part that feels a bit too straightforward at first glance, but it also continues to deepen this series’ goofy lore in the best possible way.

(Photo: Capcom)

Another strong component of Resident Evil Village, and something the series has been successful with for quite some time, involves its new characters. While Ethan Winters himself might be an anonymous conduit for the player, other new faces to the game, like Heisenberg, Mother Miranda, or the jolly salesman known only as The Duke, are some of the most memorable characters I met throughout 2021. This also doesn’t take Lady Dimitrescu into account, who is easily the star of the game. Before Village was even released, the 9 foot tall female vampire had set the internet ablaze with memes, fan art, and other content not fit to be mentioned on this website. In fact, Dimitrescu was praised so much that Maggie Robertson, the actress behind the character, ended up winning the award for Best Performance at The Game Awards this year. In a series with numerous iconic characters, Lady Dimitrescu found a way to become potentially bigger than any other Resident Evil character before.

Very similar resident evil viiwhat I also appreciated so much about Village it’s that he tried to lean once again on the horror elements of this series. Over the course of the last decade, Resident Evil as a franchise has begun shedding a number of long-standing horror tropes in the quest to make the series more action-focused. Successively, Resident Evil Village it shows that these games can still feature frequent combat and gunfights, but they can do so without losing those horror aspects in the process. Certain sequences in Resident Evil Village are among the scariest I’ve encountered in any game this year, proving that Capcom is still one of the best developers in the world with the survival horror genre.

Resident Evil Village it definitely has a couple of rough edges, but it’s also a lot of fun from start to finish. Whether you’re being chased by a tall vampire mother, shooting werewolves in the face with a shotgun, or facing off against a vicious lake monster, there are more moments of sheer thrill and horror-induced joy in Village this year than any other title. Not only is it another great Resident Evil game in a long list of winners, but it’s by far one of the best games to release over the course of 2021.

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