Resident Evil Village anniversary passed without a peep about DLC

Resident Evil Village anniversary passed without a peep about DLC

A consensus has formed that resident Evil it is in one of the best states it has ever been. The survival horror franchise has thrived since the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This is due both to Capcom’s renewed efforts to polish the games and make full use of its RE Engine, as well as emphasizing the series’ horror roots over action in most cases. Even then, there is still an acknowledgment of resident EvilB-movie influences and arcade-style extras, packing each major title into cool packages that keep fans coming back for more.


The streak continued with resident EvilThe most recent title of Resident Evil Village. What Village is the eighth main title in the series, continuing the story of Ethan Winters, a nondescript family man who must deal with some of the world’s strangest horrors. resident Evil the universe has seen. While the quality of the game relative to the other all-time classic RE games is up for debate, it turned out to be another successful effort and has sold over six million copies. Resident Evil Village it worked so well that Capcom announced that it would receive DLC just a month after its release. However, their May 7 anniversary has come and gone with no word on the DLC, leaving many wondering what’s going on.

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Why is the Resident Evil Village DLC taking so long?

It seems strange that a whole year can go by without Resident Evil Village‘s downloadable content gets as much of a tease, but there are a few potential reasons why. As fans were told during E3 2021, the DLC didn’t start development until after the game came out. This implied that DLC may not have been in scope for Resident Evil Villageso his development team had to come up with something new. Resident Evil 7 Y RE2 new versionApparently the DLC was planned from the start and also featured short scenarios with heavy asset reuse. Yes Resident Evil VillageThe new content is meant to be something bigger, like a prequel campaign for Chris Redfield, so it makes sense that more work needs to be done.

The ongoing pandemic likely contributed to the development delays, but R.E. village DLC may have been affected by other sources. That is, its developers may be concerned with the other resident Evil projects that fans suspect are happening at the same time. Resident Evil 4 Remake feels very likely at this point, but supposedly had some changes in development. Rumor has it that Capcom changed the main studio of Resident Evil 3 Remakeexternal developers to an internal group, which probably includes some of the Village team. Resident Evil Re:Verse he is also still missing in action after an indefinite delay. Counter may have intended to get continuous updates instead of Resident Evil Villageleaving Capcom unprepared to tackle a proper add-on for the latter.

All this leaves the future of Resident Evil Village and the wider franchise as a mystery. Capcom probably didn’t abandon something as successful as Village, so fans should expect to hear more about this eventually. A good suspect as to when DLC news might appear is the upcoming State of Play showing, an event that many suspect will happen in the coming months. Hopefully, even if the DLC still needs more time, the nature of the additional content will be explained. Recent reports have suggested that Counter may get a proper release date soon, so multiple resident Evil ads could drop at once.

Yes Resident Evil 4 Remake not ready to be announced yet, so substantial Resident Evil Village DLC could complete Capcom’s release schedule. Capcom’s future game releases are notoriously vague at the moment, with only exoprimal Y Pragmatics coming for sure later Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn. It looks like trade show season will be enlightening as to what Capcom’s plans are. In the meantime, fans should continue to wait for news on Resident Evil VillageDLC from , hoping it can live up to the wild ride that was Village itself.

Resident Evil Village It is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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