Call of Duty League 2022 Pro-Am Classic Results

Call of Duty League 2022 Pro-Am Classic Results


11 May 2022 / 15:26

In the first Call of Duty Pro-Am Classic, amateur teams of Call of Duty Challengers battled it out against battle-hardened professionals. Sixteen teams, including four amateur Challenger teams, battled it out for a $100,000 first place prize.

subliners cdl pro am

Source: New York Subliners Twitter account

The total prize pool was $250,000; second place secured $50,000, third and fourth place each received $25,000, and places five through eight earned $12,500. Due to the participation of the Challenger teams, the results of the Pro-Am Classic do not count towards the Call of Duty League standings for the professionals.

The New York subliners’ road to victory

The New York Subliners managed to get the final victory here. A testament to their great skill and teamwork is the fact that all of their matches ended 3:0 or 3:1. No other team managed to reach two points against them.

During the group stage, the Subliners dominated the Los Angeles Thieves with a score of 3:0. In the next match, they faced Team WaR and easily won 3:1. They then proceeded to wipe the floor with the London Royal Ravens, with a final score of 3:0.

Seeing that they had snuck into the playoffs quite easily, their next game was against the Paris Legion. It was a repeat performance for the Subliners as they finished the game with a 3:0 victory. The Toronto Ultra was the next team to suffer the worst, with a final score of 3:1. But hey, at least they managed to get a point against this scorching team.

When the New York Subliners finally made it to the finals, one team remained. A team he has already faced and won 3:0. All they had to do was repeat it, although that was easier said than done. The Los Angeles Thieves were their opponents once again, but the New York Subliners were once again too strong and finally defeated them with a decisive 3:1 victory.

the endings

Things took a turn on the first map, Berlin Hardpoint. The Los Angeles Thieves were successful and won by a wide margin, beating the New York Subliners 250-85.

At this point, it seemed like the finals could go either way. The Subliners may have won their first matchup early in the tournament without much trouble, but then the Thieves surprised us and responded decisively.

Tuscan Search and Destroy followed, and this is where the Subliners started to feel like themselves again. They pulled off a 6-3 win and were starting to leave the Thieves in the dust.

Next up was Gavutu Control, the closest match so far. The game ended in favor of the New York team with a tight score of 3-2. The deciding match was Tuscan Hardpoint, and it wasn’t really a blowout. The New York Subliners won by a score of 250-237, squeezing a 3:1, crowned champions of the Pro-Am Classic and taking home the $100k.

Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez received the coveted MVP award, achieving and maintaining a K/D ratio of 1.07.

top 8

While the New York Subliners’ victory was final, the other seven teams in the Top 8 were nothing to scoff at. Although the results didn’t count towards the overall Call of Duty League standings, the teams gave it their all anyway.

The Los Angeles Thieves took second place, while the joint third and fourth places ultimately belonged to the Toronto Ultra and OpTic Texas. The remaining teams that were placed were, in order, Atlanta FaZe, Boston Breach, Florida Mutineers, and Paris Legion.

Pro-Am Classic Audience

esports graphics have revealed the total audience numbers for the Call of Duty League Pro-Am Classic tournament on Monday. The tournament peaked at 53,000 viewers, and that happened during the New York Subliners VS Toronto Ultra game on Sunday.

Unfortunately, these numbers are substantially down from previous events in 2022. Esports Charts revealed that the average audience for the tournament was around 26,000 people.

By comparison, Major 2’s average was close to 56,000, while the peak was about 30,000 more. Overall, the upcoming Major 3 tournament should have a higher viewership than the Pro-Am Classic received.

This tournament may not have been one of the most watched, but it was still a sight to behold for several reasons. We’ve seen how the Challengers stack up against the pros and how the pros handled the newly added pressure.

Many of the teams will have used this tournament as practice, as well as fighting for prizes, for the upcoming Major 3 qualifiers starting on May 13. Week 1 qualifiers kick off this Friday, and we can’t wait for the action to start up again. again!

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