Call of Duty DFS Lineup Picks (5/13/22) – DraftKings Daily Fantasy

Call of Duty DFS Lineup Picks (5/13/22) – DraftKings Daily Fantasy

Hello DFS eSports enthusiasts and welcome back to RotoBaller’s coverage of the Call of Duty DFS Contests for DraftKings! It has been a while! The CDL was on a mid-season break and had a small Pro-Am Tournament last week, something you might see me referencing throughout the article. LAG somehow pulled off the most miraculous bottom bracket run and won Major 2 with a replacement! As far as the Pro-Am tournament goes, though, they looked horrible and smoked out losing all three of their inning games.

This is easily one of my favorite sports to cover here at Rotoballer because I play a lot of COD myself and like to think I’m pretty good at it too. I’ve been following the COD League for about five years and I can finally put all this knowledge to the test! Having that Pro-Am tournament was great to give us a good look at these teams right before the playoffs and we’re not going to go cold with little to start with. LA Thieves take on London Royal Ravens in the first matchup, Optic Texas take on the Major 2 champions in LA Guerrillas, and lastly, the NYSL Pro-Am winners take on Atlanta FaZe in our final match of the day. .

Today I will bring you my COD DFS tips, analysis and lineup picks for DFS eSports contests on DraftKings at FridayMay 13, 2022, at 3:00 pm EST. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @DFSKoby Or find me in the slack as I’m happy to interact with readers and try to answer your questions!

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Call of Duty: Major 3 Qualifiers

best of 5

  • London Royal Ravens (+140) vs. LA Thieves (-185)
  • Optic Texas (-300) vs. LA Guerrillas (+205)
  • NYSL (+188) vs. Atlanta FaZe (-260)

Whiteboard Overview

The LA Thieves did a role change and moved Kenny to a pure SMG role and Drazah back to a Flex role and made all the difference in the world as they reached the Pro-Am final before losing to NYSL. They looked much better overall and Octane has been playing much better too. London, on the other hand, looked tough in the Pro-Am and only beat the only amateur team in their group stage. With Gismo going to the bench as well, they’ve brought in Harry. And to say that he didn’t impress me would be an understatement. In fact, one of the group stage matches was this very game in which the LA Thieves won 3-1 and really could have won 3-0 had they locked in a very close SnD game. I think history repeats itself and we see LAT get back in shape and start the Major 3 run.

Optic Texas still does not have Illey entering the qualifiers and this time they will have Prolute as a backup instead of General like they did in the Pro-Am. This leaves LAG open to surprise. However, I think even with Prolute replacing with very little time. LAG’s appearance during the Pro-Am made them very hesitant. They were swept by Boston and lost to the Paris Legion and Toronto Ultras Academy 3-2. So give me Optic and Prolute to get the win. Illey appears in DK but DO NOT play with him!

This is an interesting matchup. NYSL is coming off a great run during the Pro-Am and the switch from Neptune to Kismet seems to be very good. Unfortunately… DK didn’t do us any favors and Kismet isn’t on the NYSL roster so we can’t even play it. Atlanta looked like a solid contender, but lost to Optic in the quarterfinals in what was a fantastic match. I think this matchup is a little closer to a pick-em than the odds show. NYSL was looking very good and could pose a threat during the Major 3 Qualifiers. Atlanta is always a team that you can never play against because as soon as you do, they’re going to come out and sweep. So having both sides of this game could be a good move. NYSL will probably be the highest property of the underdogs. I think this game comes down to whoever gains Control. So 3-1 Atlanta or 3-2 NYSL.

COD DFS Basics

  1. Just like in CSGO, players receive two points for kills and are penalized -1 for dying. Therefore, the simplest stat to look at here is the K/D ratio.
  2. You need to include a team post on both sites. Teams accumulate fantasy points for games won (+4), matches won (+10), and search and destroy/control rounds won (+.5).
  3. Teams will play best-of-five matches in a rotation of various game modes. Those modes and the order in which they are played are as follows: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Control, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy.
  4. In hardpoint rounds, players with positive K/D ratios are usually the ones with the highest score and these rounds are usually the bloodiest.
  5. They have also changed a game mode from Domination to Control for League play. This is going to be very different in the game as it is based on rounds and not first to 200. They play first to win 3 rounds. You win by capturing both points or by killing the enemy team until they run out of life. One team defends and the other attacks.
  6. There is a sweep bonus this year as teams and players can get a 20 point player sweep and a 5 point team sweep. In the event that they sweep, they are also awarded a 20 point bonus for not playing the hard spot and a 5 point bonus for not playing the final Search and Destroy map. That adds up to a sweep of 45 extra points that are going to be very crucial this year.

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Captain COD DFS Considerations

Elegant: Optic had a bit of an up-and-down Pro-Am, but Dashy was the only consistent thing on this team. He crushed it as he had a 1.31 K/D in Hardpoint, a 1.53 in SnD and a .94 K/D in Control. I also love this matchup for him where they can sweep LAGs or end up with an extra hardpoint map that Dashy can fall in love with. It’s a little more expensive at $9,600 but from what I’ve seen it’s worth it. He has a very high floor scoring at least 111 DKP or more in all but 4 games scored by DK this season. His ceiling is unbelievably high and he has also scored over 130 in 5 games. Shotzzy has more commitments but Dashy dies a lot less and it’s all about K/D!

Celio: It’s kind of hard to avoid this guy, 9k and the cheapest of the big three for Atlanta FaZe. The guy has been on fire this season and during the Pro-Am he hit 1.48 K/D at Hardpoint across 7 maps, which is insane. He also scored a 1.10 on SnD and a 1.47 on Control. Cellium has been a different race and we must take advantage of it. This game could be very close and that can lead to a lot of kills for Cellium. Abezy has been struggling and I can’t afford $9800 for Simp right now. This is top tier play and as long as I am in this low 9k range I will continue to play.

Other Captain Plays: Envoy, Shotzzy, Simp, Hydra, Huke (GPP)

COD DFS Value Plays

Drazah: Drazah seems to have benefited more from the role change with him and Kenny because he has shown up! He took a slight hit on his Commitments, but his K/D has drastically improved. He was averaging between .80 and 95 during Major 2, but after the switch, he drastically increased it to 1.16 Hardpoint, 1.14 SnD, and .92 Control. We’re getting it at a great price of $7,800. He is the cheapest of the LA Thieves, but he has been much better than Kenny K/D and is cheaper than him. I think the LA Thieves win too and that should be in part because Drazah plays so much better and the whole team.

PaulEhx: I know the pairing is necessarily favorable, but PaulEhx was a huge part of his run during the Pro-Am and seeing him so cheap in DK at $6,200. It’s hard to let that go. Especially with the possibility of this going all the way. During the Pro-Am, PaulEhx averaged .99 K/D on Hardpoint, 1.43 on SnD and 1.07 on Control. It’s too cheap for someone I know who can act and break a blackboard. With how well he’s done in the NYSL recently, he’ll probably have decent ownership, so even if he doesn’t pull off his performance, it might not be the worst case scenario. But at that price, it’s worth the risk.

Other Value Plays: Scump, Arcitys, Afro(GPP/Punt), Zero(GPP), C6

Batteries COD DFS

LA Thieves: With Optic having a new sub and NYSL playing like they do. I think LAT is the safest play for tomorrow’s board. And I really like the team, apart from Kenny, who is getting a lot of commitments, but he is also dying a little bit, so taking him is a bit of a risk. Envoy is quite expensive, but he has shown that he can have games where he is untouchable and break a board. This year hasn’t been great for Octane, but after seeing what he did during the Pro-Am, I’m sure he’s back. He looked amazing and like the Human Turret we saw in MW and CW Seasons. Lastly, Drazah has been great since the role change and is the cheapest of the team and a great place to start your stacks for LAT. London looked poor during the Pro-Am and recently lost to LAT as well.

Other team plays: Optic Texas, Atlanta FaZe, NYSL (GPP)

Note: Illey, Gismo, Gunless and Neptune don’t play for their teams! Do not play with these players!!!!


  1. TLDR: LAT 3-1, Optica 3-1, NYSL 3-2
  2. LAT: Envoy, Octane, Drazah
  3. London: Afro, Zero
  4. Optics: Dashy, Shotzzy, Scump
  5. LAG: Huke
  6. NYSL: Hydra, Paul Ehx
  7. FaZe: Celio, Simp

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