Aqua Affinity Enchantment in Minecraft – Explained (2022)

Aqua Affinity Enchantment in Minecraft – Explained (2022)

Just like our real world, Minecraft’s oceans remain unexplored even a decade after the game’s release. Most of the players go there to kill mobs or get loot from monuments. But with a little planning, you can discover just about every mineral in the game and more in Minecraft bodies of water. And with the presence of Warden in Minecraft, caves are no longer safe. However, the only problem is that Minecraft doesn’t allow you to properly mine underwater. That’s where this handy guide comes in. We have covered the Aqua Affinity enchantment in Minecraft, which is the most reliable countermeasure for water mining and exploration. We’ve included details on Aqua Affinity’s unique effects, spawning, and more. So, with further ado, let’s get started!

Aquatic Affinity Charm in Minecraft (2022)

We will first cover the details and workings of the Aqua Affinity enchantment. But feel free to skip straight to the steps to acquire this useful enchantment using the table below.

Underwater mining in Minecraft

Ground mining is relatively straightforward in Minecraft. You have to use a pickaxe and our minecraft ore distribution guide to get any ore in the game. And the source material for the pickaxe defines how fast and effective you can mine a block. But all that changes when your character enters the water.

Mining without aquatic affinity

When a player’s head is submerged in water, their mining speed slows down considerably. as a result, it takes about five times longer to mine underwater than on the ground. No beak type is exempt from this effect. Likewise, if you’re floating in water, there’s a separate five-fold decrease in draw speed. Therefore, it can take up to 25 times longer to extract than to extract out of the water.

What is the Aqua Affinity charm?

Aqua Affinity is Minecraft’s solution to counter the underwater mining penalty. Is a helmet enchantment which increases your mining speed. May apply the Aqua Affinity enchantment on any helmet, including a tortoise shell in the game. With it applied, your underwater mining speed becomes equal to your land mining speed. All mining penalties applied by the game are automatically ignored.

Mining with Aqua Affinity
Mining with Aqua Affinity (R)

As the clip above shows, there is no difference in mining speed underwater and on the ground with Aqua Affinity active. Now, many of you may be wondering: are there multiple levels to this enchantment? Does Aqua Affinity 2 exist? And well, the answer is no. There is only one level of Aqua Affinity and you cannot make your mining speed faster underwater than on land.

How to get the Aqua Affinity enchantment in Minecraft

Even with rare functionality, Aqua Affinity is not a treasure enchantment. Instead, you can quickly get it by using books, enchanted tables, and even loot from chests. Feel free to try each method until you find the one that seems most convenient and easy to use.

Using the Enchantment Table

The fastest way to get the Aqua Affinity enchantment is by using an enchantment table. You can use our guide to make an enchanted table in Minecraft easily. Then, once it’s ready, just place your helmet on the enchantment table to see the possible enchantments you can apply to it.

Aqua Affinity with Enchantment Table

You may need to try the same process with different helmets until Aqua Affinity appears on the table. You will need to use a lapis lazuli to enchant your helmet when the enchantment is available. Alternatively, you can also place books on the enchantment table to find and use this enchantment, but that can take hours.

enchanted books

You can find enchanted books in Minecraft with various enchantments, including Aqua Affinity. These books naturally spawn within:

  • dungeons
  • looting posts
  • mine shafts
  • desert temples
  • underwater ruins
  • forest mansions
  • Ancient cities

You can also get enchanted books by trading with librarian villagers and by fishing. But however you find them, you should use our guide to learn how to use enchanted books in Minecraft. You can easily add Aqua Affinity to your helmets with that linked guide.

Command to get Aqua Affinity

If nothing else works, you can use one of the best Minecraft commands to get the job done. Instead of searching for Aqua Affinity, use the following command in your chat box to get a helmet with Aqua Affinity already applied.

/give @p diamond_helmet{Enchantments:[{id:aqua_affinity,lvl:1}]} one

You can change the term “diamond” in the command to get any other type of helmet. We have tested this command in Minecraft 1.18, but it only works with the Java edition. Once you have applied the Aqua Affinity enchantment to your helmet, you need to equip the helmet to use it. you can do it for placing the enchanted helmet on the helmet column in your inventory. You can access inventory by pressing the “i” key or the dedicated inventory button.

How to use the Aqua Affinity Charm

How to use the Aqua Affinity Charm

The hull’s power does not activate until it is in or under water. Therefore, it is better to equip a helmet with other enchantments until you have to mine underwater.

Frequent questions

Which is better? Breath 3 or Aqua Affinity?

Although the Breath 3 and Aqua Affinity enchantments are for hulls and are underwater based, they are not comparable. Aqua Affinity helps you mine faster underwater. Meanwhile, breathing allows you to breathe underwater. You can use the one that interests you the most.

Can you match Aqua Affinity and Breathing?

You can use the Aqua Affinity and Breath enchantments on the same helmet. But you may have to use the enchanted book to apply the second enchantment.

Does Aqua Affinity 2 exist?

Aqua Affinity only has one level. There is no Aqua Affinity 2 or 3 in Survival Minecraft. In practice, you don’t even need multiple levels of this enchantment, as Aqua Affinity’s only job is to cancel out underwater mining penalties.

Is the Aqua Affinity charm for Pickaxe?

The Aqua Affinity is a helmet enchantment even though it is related to underwater mining. You don’t need an enchanted pickaxe to use it.

Use Aqua Affinity in Minecraft to mine faster underwater

You are now ready to mine and collect underwater minerals in Minecraft. But don’t stop here. The Aqua Affinity charm is of no help if you can’t breathe underwater. So make sure you create a conduit in minecraft. It’s a lighthouse-like block that helps you breathe underwater and also gives you extra powers. With Aqua Affinity and Conduit by your side, you can be ready to rule the oceans of Minecraft in no time. And while you’re at it, be sure to grab the Aquaman costume from our list of the best Minecraft skins to fit the part. You can also use some of the best trident enchantments to increase your attack power. That said, what do you want to use Aqua Affinity for? Tell us in the comments!

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