Community remembers brilliance of children’s mission

Community remembers brilliance of children’s mission

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is widely regarded as a seminal installment in the franchise when it was released in 2019. It was the start of a new saga, resulting in the expansion of the player base.

With the game came the release of Call of Duty Warzone, as Activision ventured into the Battle Royale and free-to-play market. As a result, the 2019 release retains a special place in the hearts of many gamers.

@ModernWarzone I told you, and I’ll say it again… Modern Warfare 2019 has saved Frenchise from dying.

On May 10, ModernWarzone posted a cutscene from Call of Duty Modern Warfare where players must play like kids. The game has been designed so that the mission differentiates between elements, such as handling weapons. Players reacted to the new feature, many of whom praised the quality of the game.

Players discuss Call of Duty Modern Warfare and its precise details

As mentioned above, the clip was uploaded by ModernWarzone, which is known for its content related to Call of Duty games. They mentioned the immaculate details that are in the 2019 game.

Modern Warfare 2019 is the first game in the Call of Duty franchise that lets you play as a child in a war setting. They even created unique aiming and reloading animations for the one mission you play as a kid. Crazy level of detail.

Other users also mentioned some of the great moments of the game. One player remembered the mission, where the clip is from, and how they had to start with the character from under the rubble. The player also recalled the tragic moment when the character witnessed the lifeless body of his mother.

@ModernWarzone Starting this mission from under all that rubble was just heartbreaking, man. He moved me to tears when he turned his head to the right and saw his mother lifeless with glazed eyes.

The same user also added that moments like this set Call of Duty Modern Warfare apart from games like Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard. The user also added that the 2019 release is braver than the other games.

@ModernWarzone It’s moments like this that set MW19 apart from BOCW and Vanguard campaigns. There was a sense of realism, and MW19 was gritty and dark to the point where you’re so driven by rage you’d kick a guy out of a helicopter, for the right reasons of course.

Another player also mentioned the noticeable differences in gameplay when someone played as a child.

@ModernWarzone They did this for the other mission where you play as her, you can notice that she is not well trained and even reloads slowly.

There was also applause for the multiplayer part, with one player mentioning the uniqueness of some of its features.

@ModernWarzone The multiplayer was also very unique and probably the first cod game to have multiplayer played like that so support them.

The 2019 release also has fans including lovers of the original Modern Warfare series.

@ModernWarzone The original mw series will always be legendary but I think the new mw series will be great too as I love 2019.

To some, the details of this campaign are sublime and are a throwback to Modern Warfare 3, where there was footage of a family on vacation exposed to bombing.

@ModernWarzone I love those details in the MW 2019 campaign, I hadn’t seen something as shocking as the video of that family recording their son before the explosion in MW3 and Josefina’s death in BO2.

Such is the depth of the stories and missions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare that players are blown away during the missions.

@ModernWarzone The whole beginning of that mission where the Russians open fire on the civilians and you’re under the rubble is just sad, probably one of the few times a game has impacted me.

One player feels that the custom animations in this mission are next level.

@ModernWarzone I love the custom animations for the reload in that mission… Next level

In recent times, Call of Duty and the games have come under fire. However, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, released in 2019, is still loved by fans as it is more than two and a half years old. Players still play the game on a daily basis.

The work for Activision will be cut as Modern Warfare 2 is due for release in late 2022. There is reasonable hype surrounding the game and fans are hoping the next game can deliver even better moments for all those involved.

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