Best Creative Game Codes You Should Play (May 2022)

Best Creative Game Codes You Should Play (May 2022)

There are tons of different creative codes in Fortnite with different game modes attached to them. These are the best codes for May 2022 content maps.

The tons of different creative game modes in Fortnite it has a lot to offer that the normal Battle Royale doesn’t. While most of Fortnite popularity is tied to being the last player standing, creative mode allows players to create their own modes with their own sets of rules. It acts like a giant sandbox, using all the assets of Fortnite as tools for creative freedom. Developers can create these creative maps, but most of the fun comes when the community has the tools in their hands.

Creative Islands will automatically save all the work done by the player. They act as a hub where players can invite their friends or other community members to a single location. These can be active for four hours at a time, with Fortnite Battle Pass owners can create four islands at a time. Using the phone, players can manipulate any element in the world. While there are certain rules and limitations, the community has already created completely different experiences with Creative.


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To get started, select the Creative Mode option from the three that are available upon startup Fortnite. Here, players can explore the hub and choose one of the available community rifts. Although, players can also approach these rifts and enter a code to a specific island. Each island has its own code to help players find them online.

The best creative modes in Fortnite (May 2022)

Fortnite Creative avatar sitting by a pond

These are some of the most creative currently. Fortnite Game modes available for May 2022.

  • Edit Wars 2.0 Lava 8244-9672-8499: Players will face each other as they need to edit the platforms in front of them, which will cause enemy players to fall into a pit of lava. The last man standing is declared the winner.
  • Best Map 1v1 8046-2576-4953: This mode will pit players against another player in one-on-one combat. It’s a great opportunity to practice building without being in a pressured situation.
  • Biohazard: 6496-9997-4696: fans of Resident Evil 7 you will find fun in this game mode. It acts as the first chapter of the game with a large zombie acting as Jack from the game. This is not for the faint of heart.
  • City Zone Wars 9299-7973-8393: Have you ever wanted to play Nuketown on fortnite? This is the opportunity to do it. The map is just two houses on opposite sides of each other with very little in between. It’s a great place for a Team Deathmatch game, build or no build.
  • The Squid Game by Lartionplay 3228-0058-5700: There are tons of squid game Creative game modes in Fortnite where players must navigate through a series of difficult obstacle courses for their lives. In this one, it’s Red Light Green Light. Players who cannot cross the finish line without being caught and without time running out will survive.

Fortnite Creative mode has led to some incredibly wacky yet unique experiences within the game. More content is being created every day as the game is filled with tons of dedicated players with the ambition to create something fun and special. Certain creative modes also allow players to earn XP for smaller tasks. It’s a great way to passively level up the Battle Pass without needing to play the main game mode. There are thousands of different creative game modes to try.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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