Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Review – Features

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Review – Features



Designed by mat hart, Ricardo Loxam, Y sherwin matthews and published by Steam forged games. Resident Evil 2 The Board Game is a cooperative board game based on the popular video game of the same game. It was released in 2019. Let’s hope the dice are in our favor on this Resident Evil 2 The Board Game revision.

Resident Evil 2 The Board Game: They’re Coming For You, Claire

Resident Evil has been embedded in the minds of video gamers since 1997 and survival horror games took the world by storm. The franchise has gone through a lot of changes over the years and even created its own little universe with tons of spin-offs. It was not long before there was an abundance of merchandise.

From action figures to card deck building games and even clothing. One of the popular requests from fans over the years was a board game based on video games. Well, in 2019 the fans got their wish and that’s the game we take a look at today. If you like Resident Evil, why not check out our Resident Evil Village review here?

Even Kendo joined the party.

how to play

Immediately, when he opens the box, he receives an all too familiar message. “This game contains scenes of explicit violence and gore” I love it and it’s a really nice touch that gets you in the mood. The contents of the rest of the box can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. It has over 20 tiles that make up the floor plans. More than 30 small pieces of cardboard make up the walls, doors, stairwell, typewriter, and item boxes.

3D printed zombies, lickers, dogs, and main boss William Birkin. Then you have our leads Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and Kendo. Yes, Kendo from Kendo’s Gun Shop is a playable character. I guess they couldn’t think of anyone else from Resident Evil 2 The Video Game. The setup is actually very easy to do and will take you around 10 minutes, with some scenarios taking more or less to set up.

There are also various cards containing weapons, first aid sprays, green herbs, red herbs, ammo, and ink ribbons. The main cards will be Element A and Element B. Together with the tension cards, they play a very important role in the game and add some RNG factor to it. After setting up the first scenario, which is the first of 8, each player has 4 moves to do as they choose. Move 1 to 4 tiles, move a tile or 2 and use a weapon against an enemy.

Use an object or open and close doors. Once you use all 4 of your moves to do whatever you choose, once you finish the last one, you must choose a card from the tension deck. This tension deck is a bunch of cards that have been shuffled and add tension to the game. You can choose a green card where everything is fine or there are yellow cards that can be beneficial to you or the enemy. There are the reds. These cards should be avoided at all times. These cards can seriously ruin you and make you change your whole strategy.

Well, we haven’t mentioned dice yet, have we? What is a board game without dice? Well, the dice that the game provides come into play in the later scenarios and add a bit more RNG to the whole game. The good thing about Resident Evil 2 The Board Game is that it has 1 to 4 players. Yes, you can play this game alone if you want, but of course it is better with some friends.

don’t turn around


Now, this is where the game goes down a little bit bright. The color of the tiles you design for the different scenarios is very dark. You can barely make out what’s in them. They represent the appearance of famous locations in the game, such as the police station and Raccoon City. But they are too dark.

Walls and doors are also a big disappointment because they are literally little pieces of cardboard that you put up. It all strips away all of the gritty atmosphere Resident Evil games are known for. I appreciate that the designers wanted to give it a dark tone like video games but they are too dark for my taste.

though luckily that Resident Evil 2 The Board Game It has a huge fan base and community, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to make 3D printed doors, walls, stairs, item boxes, and the rest that would just be a piece of cardboard.


The manual says that a game can take around 90 minutes. Personally, I think it’s a lot longer than that, especially with all the setup you have to do between scenarios.

If you are new to board games like me, after reading the manual and setting up the first stage. It easily took me 2 hours but honestly I didn’t care. What I do like is the fact that it doesn’t matter how many times you play the game. It will never be the same game twice. RNG plays a very important role, so each game will be different.

I can not see anything

final thought

my final thought on Resident Evil 2 The Board Game is that it is great to play with friends. While you can play solo, it just doesn’t feel that way. Not like when you play the game. If it wasn’t because the design is too dark. I would have enjoyed it much more. So with that in mind, I’m going to give Resident Evil 2 The Board Game the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

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