Modern Warfare 2 needs to stay away from the original trilogy

Modern Warfare 2 needs to stay away from the original trilogy

The long rumored modern warfare 2 has finally been officially confirmed by Activison, much to the delight of fans. The second installment of the newly rebooted Modern war franchise, the hype and anticipation surrounding the upcoming title is undoubtedly huge.

Due to its reboot nature, this new version is expected to modern warfare 2 will deviate from the original source material, as was the case with 2019 Modern war. While these changes are important when it comes to generating a unique identity for the reboot, there are several elements of the original. Modern war trilogy that deserve to be kept for the next release.


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The main details of Modern Warfare 2

While expectations regarding a 2019 sequel Modern war have existed within Obligations community for a while modern warfare 2 was officially confirmed by Activision very recently. with 2019 Modern war being one of the most well received Obligations titles in recent memory, it’s fair to say that the news of a sequel has created quite a stir for many fans of the franchise.

Understandably, many of the more intricate details of modern warfare 2 are currently unknown, though the game has been confirmed to release sometime in “fall 2022”. Since the game is also rumored to run on a completely new game engine, it can be assumed that it will take a lot of inspiration from the successful IW engine that was used in Modern war; with a sustained focus on refined visuals and visceral sound design.

Interestingly, it has also been suggested that modern warfare 2 will launch alongside a new installment of the franchise’s hugely popular Battle Royale, Obligations: war zone. Yes MW2 in fact it is being released together with war zone 2would be indicative of the anticipated longevity and extent of modern warfare 2 that Activision is imagining. Also being under development by Infinity Ward, it is likely that modern warfare 2 will continue major plot points and character arcs from established 2019 narratives Modern war through its campaign and multiplayer modes. Despite this, there will be many elements of the original. Modern war trilogy that fans are also hoping to see.

A more traditional Spec Ops mode

One of the most attractive factors of the Obligations The formula that has helped keep fans coming back to the franchise with each annual release is the tertiary game modes that each title has. While the covert operations games inside the Cod IP prospered due to its popular “Zombies” modes, Modern war it thrived with its Spec Ops modes.

Spec Ops was a mode first introduced in Call of Duty with modern warfare 2, all the more reason to implement it on the next reboot. Short for “Special Ops”, the mode consisted of short but highly curated missions that periodically increased in difficulty. Many of these missions were taken from segments of modern warfare 2 campaign, and each mission has a maximum of three stars that the player can earn for meeting certain mission requirements.

From vehicle-based time trials to stealth base infiltrations and high-octane favela shootouts, Spec Ops delivered a wide variety of experiences that were genuinely engaging and challenging for those who aspired to fully complete it. With the added benefit of being able to play the vast majority of missions in two-player online co-op, the fact that Spec Ops was also implemented within Modern Warfare 3 it’s a testament to how beloved he was within the player base. With how the oft-forgotten “Special Ops” mode of 2019 Modern war fell by the wayside due to the repetitive and difficult nature of its small number of quests, a return to a more neat and intimate quest list similar to both MW2 Y MW3 It would be a great help for the next sequel.

The classic prestige system

With how completely iconic the multiplayer mode is from the original modern warfare 2 was, many long-term fans will fondly remember the game’s online prestige system. in older Obligations titles, multiplayer prestige systems were perfect in their simplicity. A player would reach level 70, 50, or another level cap by gaining experience, after which he would have a chance to “favor”. This reset his rank to level one and also relocked the level cap items that they would then have to gain again.

As a reward for this sacrifice, players would receive a coveted emblem and calling card for that particular prestige, as well as permanent slot unlocks to create a class. Emblems and calling cards would only increase in detail and appeal as a player moved up the ranks. The system was uniform and easy to figure out, and the most dedicated players were much easier to identify than the current prestige system for newer players. Obligations Titles

Now, once a player exceeds level 55 in Obligations multiplayer, they enter seasonal ranks that are tied exclusively to the game’s multiplayer seasons. Since there are 1,000 levels that players must reach per season before resetting, the newer system only creates confusion and lacks the permanence of its predecessor.

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professional advantages

Another fan favorite feature of both modern warfare 2 Y 3 is the one for the unlockable “pro” versions of the perks of creating a class. Within older multiplayer modes, a specific challenge accompanied each perk, which upon completion would grant an additional beneficial element to the perk in question. This was a core facet of gameplay within these older titles, with the routine to complete a buff challenge paying dividends in the form of an invaluable buff bonus earned that could set a player apart from completion. With the advantages of creating a class since they became one dimensional and face value elements of the Cod goal, a return to professional advantages in the next modern warfare 2 it is more than deserved.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is currently under development.

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