How to make and use fireworks in Minecraft

How to make and use fireworks in Minecraft
  • To make fireworks in Minecraft, all you need is paper and gunpowder.
  • You can also add a “firework star,” a unique element that gives your fireworks their distinctive explosions.
  • Fireworks are great for setting off bursts of color, but you can also use them to fly around your Minecraft world.

Whether you’re in the real world or in Minecraft, setting off fireworks is always fun. But Minecraft fireworks have some advantages: not only are they easier to make, but you can also fly with them.

How to make fireworks in minecraft

There are two different ways to make fireworks in Minecraft, depending on whether you want the fireworks to explode or not, or in other words whether you want them to act like real fireworks or not.

If you want fireworks that don’t explode, all you need is a unit of paper Y one to three gunpowder units. You can make paper by combining three units of sugar cane and you can find gunpowder by killing Creepers, Witches and Ghasts.

But if you’re looking to put on a real fireworks show, you’ll need a firework that explodes. To do this, you’ll still need that paper and gunpowder, but you’ll also need to add a “firework star.”

Firework stars can be made by combining a unit of gunpowder with any color of dye. The tint you use decides what color the explosion will be.

Once you have all your ingredients, throw them onto the grid on your workbench in any position. For each unit of each ingredient you use, you will get three fireworks.

The recipe for crafting a red firework rocket in Minecraft.

The description under “Objects” tells you how far the rocket will travel, what its explosion will look like, and what color it will be.

Mojang; William Antonelli/Insider

You can use other items to add special effects to your fireworks. When you’re creating your firework star, add one of these items to the artboard for a corresponding special effect:

What can you use fireworks for in Minecraft

You can use fireworks for three things in Minecraft.

First, you can activate them. Placing a firework on any non-air block will ignite it, causing it to fly up and (if you added a firework star) explode. You can also shoot them from dispensers and crossbows. If you are looking to put on your own fireworks show, this is what you are interested in.

Second, you can use them to fly. If you have a pair of Elytra wings, you probably know that they only allow you to glide, you can’t fly freely with them. But if you shoot fireworks while using your Elytra, you’ll get a huge speed boost in the direction you’re facing. If you have enough fireworks and don’t crash, you can fly for miles.

A Minecraft player flying around using the Elytra item, with fireworks exploding behind them.

Each firework will give you a huge speed boost, just watch where you’re going.

Mojang; William Antonelli/Insider

Finally, you can use fireworks as ammunition for your crossbows. You can use explosive or non-explosive fireworks here, but only explosive ones will do any damage.

If you are playing Minecraft: Java Edition, the fireworks will explode as soon as they hit an enemy. But in Bedrock Edition, they will pierce through enemies and only explode once they hit the ground or their time limit, so you’ll need to aim more carefully.

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