How to make a dispenser in Minecraft (2022 Guide)

How to make a dispenser in Minecraft (2022 Guide)

In the world of Minecraft, you have to do most things manually. It makes sense in terms of crafting and building, but when it comes to protection and combat, things can easily get out of hand. Fortunately, you just need to learn how to make a dispenser in Minecraft for additional assistance. Once ready, this block can fire projectiles, place certain blocks, and do much more to take some tasks off your hands. While focusing on the same, our guide will go over the best uses for a dispenser in Minecraft, along with its crafting process. All you need to do is plan the best minecraft house ideas to fit your dispenser. With that said, let’s stop beating around the bush and learn how to make a dispenser in Minecraft.

Make and use a dispenser in Minecraft (2022)

Dispensers have a variety of item interactions and gameplay mechanics, which is why we’ve broken our guide into several segments for your convenience. Use the table below to explore each of these sections and learn all about making and using a dispenser.

What is a dispenser in Minecraft?

A dispenser is a solid block in Minecraft that also functions as a Redstone component. Its main purpose is dispense or throw away items when activated. Some of these items like TNT activate when thrown. Meanwhile, items such as arrows are fired, similar to firing a ranged weapon like a crossbow in Minecraft.

How to make a dispenser in Minecraft

Note: Don’t confuse the dispenser with another Redstone component called a “dropper”, which drops its contents only as an item the player can choose. The dropper cannot activate or place items.

How to get a dispenser in Minecraft

Dispensers are naturally generated inside jungle pyramids or jungle temples in the jungle biome. But we suggest you continue to manually craft the dispenser, as the traps in these structures can be dangerous.

How to activate a dispenser

As with other Redstone components, you must use a trigger to activate the dispenser. These triggers can include:

  • power components like stone torches, red stone blocks, etc.
  • Activated Redstone Repeaters and Redstone Comparators
  • Empowered Redstone Dust
  • lever, tripwire, button, target block and others triggers
  • Quasi connectivity (Java only)

Minecraft offers a variety of ways to activate your Redstone components. But if you want a good example of using dispensers, you can check out our guide on how to make a bee farm in Minecraft. Use a dispenser for an important farm automation task.

Elements needed to make a dispenser

To make a dispenser in Minecraft, you only need the following four items:

  • 7 cobblestone blocks
  • 1 piece of red stone Dust
  • 1 bow
  • Crafting table (to combine the elements)

Stone is one of the most common blocks in the Minecraft overworld. You can break it with a pickaxe to get 7 cobblestone blocks in the game. Compared to stone, Redstone is a bit more difficult to find and usually spawns underground. You can use our Minecraft ore distribution guide to find Redstone in no time.

make a bow

With Redstone and cobblestone sorted, you just need to craft a bow to get all the ingredients to craft a dispenser in minecraft. To make a bow place 3 ropes and 3 sticks within your production area. You can find the location of these ingredients in the crafting recipe screenshot below.

Crafting recipe for a bow

Minecraft Dispenser Crafting Recipe

Once you have all the ingredients, you just have to combine them to make a dispenser in Minecraft. This is how you do it:

1. First place 3 cobblestone blocks in the first row of the production area.

2. Then place the bow in middle cell from the second row and a piece of Redstone dust in the middle cell from the lowest row.

2. After that, place the remaining cobblestones on each side of the archway and the Redstone powder on the second and third rows. And voila, you have successfully created a dispenser in Minecraft.

Preparation of recipe for dispenser

How to use a dispenser in Minecraft

After preparing the dispenser, you must fill it with items you want to do without You can right click or use the secondary action key on the dispenser to open your inventory. As for items, we have covered a list of suitable items in the next section. Once full, you just have to use any of the Redstone mechanics mentioned above to activate the dispenser.

Once activated, you can use the dispenser for the following purposes:

  • To quickly equip armor
  • For security systems launching projectiles at enemies
  • To place various buckets, carts and other entities when necessary
  • To create automatic farms
  • To create an automatic item dispensing system to get items without opening a chest

What items can be put inside a dispenser?

Technically, you can put any game item inside the dispenser. But unless it’s an item in the list below, it will only act as a discarded item.

Articles Action
Armor and Elytra Equipped by player or entity standing next to dispenser
Armor Support* Placed in the direction the dispenser is facing
Arrow, Spectral Arrow, Tipped Arrow, and Trident Fired at normal speed
Boat Placed as a vehicle if there is water in front of the dispenser
bone-meal It is used as a fertilizer if thrown on a crop.
Egg, Bottle of Enchantment and Snow Globe thrown off
Lingering Potion and Splash Potion It acts like a thrown potion bottle.
Bucket* Pick up fire or water if it’s empty; release its content if full
Fire load Act like a fireball blaze
fireworks rocket Fired in a manner similar to being shot with a crossbow
flint and steel Turn on or activate the block in front of you.
trolley Placed but only if there is a rail in front
heads Equipped by player or entity with hole for empty helmet; can be used to spawn mobs like iron golem
TNT Place a lit TNT
Pair of scissors* Harvested the entity or harvestable block
Glass bottle Compatible Liquid Filled
horse armor* Equipped by the horse in front of the dispenser.
Rug* Placed on top of a tamed llama or any block.
Saddle and chest* Equipped by compatible tamed mobs
luminous stone Charged Respawn Anchor
Water bottle Block of earth turned to mud

*Full functionality of that action is only available in the Java edition

Make and use a dispenser in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to take your Redstone builds to the next level by making a dispenser in Minecraft. But you have to be careful not to activate the dispenser as a weapon while standing next to it. However, if you’re using the best Minecraft armor enchantments, they can’t do much damage to you anyway. As for cool building ideas, you can start by building an automatic Allay farm in Minecraft to get started. Later, you can try more ideas and compete with some of the best Minecraft maps. But if all this Redstone work seems daunting to you, you can always use the best Minecraft mods. Make sure you install Forge in Minecraft to use them smoothly. With that being said, what are you most excited about using with a dispenser? Tell us in the comments below!

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