10 tips and tricks to play Fortnite

10 tips and tricks to play Fortnite

(Pocket-lint) – Fortnite Battle Royale is the biggest game in the world, and has been for some time, and we’re not just counting the number of players, but also the power of pop culture. The bedrooms and living rooms of homes around the world echo with the sound of automatic weapons fire, the clangs and bangs of crafts, and the gasps of teenagers at sudden death.

While the game is built around the need to hone your skills and reaction times, there are a few things you wish you had known before you started playing; they could also help you.

Get prepared

Fortnite Battle Royale matches start off strong. It’s really important to get a good variety of gear as quickly as possible, regardless of which weapons are actually your favorites to use. Aim to land near buildings where you can search for loot before other players get to them.

Then, as you progress, make sure to manage your weapons, ammo, and medkits. You need to accumulate as many of these as you can. But you also need to know when you’re running low on bullets so you can switch.

Terrain is critical

While you can of course build your own cover, it’s essential to use your natural environment in Fortnite to take cover and outmaneuver enemies. Always keep in mind the vantage points that can be used to shoot him. Keeping a better line of sight to other players will give you an advantage.

At the same time, keep in mind where the storm is at all times and how the circle is moving. Not only does this ensure that you’re not forced out of hiding, it can mean that you’re ready to take out other players who have been caught.

show some flexibility

One of the joys of Fortnite is that no two games are the same. You will certainly have your favorite weapons and locations in the game, but don’t get too attached to one style of play. You must be able to adjust your tactics to the situation you are in.

This means it’s important to keep a varied inventory of weapons, potions, tools, and medkits. You never know what you’re going to run into around the next corner, so having a wide arsenal to draw from will come in handy.

Be patient

This is true of all battle royale games, really: you have to develop a sense of patience. This applies broadly: it can mean during a match, when you have to play it slow and make sure to engage other players only when you think you’ll have the other hand.

However, it can also be about your attitude towards Fortnite in general. Battle royale games, with their large pools of players, are hard to win and you’ll often go quite a while between win royales. Maintaining your focus and not getting frustrated is a skill in itself, one that you can develop.

dirty tactics

Fortnite is a game about outwitting other players. You can do this by shooting someone from higher ground, but there are plenty of other less reliable ways to win. Setting traps is a great way to finish off an unsuspecting player. Using loot to lure players into traps is a neat trick.

Building can also help you outsmart other players. If you’re being targeted, building is a great first response; in fact, it is quite necessary. But as soon as you do, you might reveal your position to other combatants. A good tip is to build a big structure and then move away from it and wait for the other player to come and investigate. Once they are in your crosshairs, you can take them down.

The right environment

Playing Fortnite to win means paying attention to your surroundings both in the real world and in-game. It is essential that you are not interrupted or distracted by younger siblings or parents telling you it is time for dinner. Make sure you have enough time to play the game for a good stretch so you can get into your groove.

Having a good headset will also help you communicate with your teammates as well as hear what’s going on around you in-game. Being able to clearly hear another player’s footsteps can mean the difference between life and death.

If you’re on a losing streak, don’t just continue to belligerently, getting more and more angry. Take a break; play something else; go outside, maybe. When you return, it will be fresh and ready to go.

close that door

If you looted or entered a house and left the door open, that’s a clear signal to other players that you’re there: this is Battle Royale 101, people. Therefore, it is advisable to close the door behind you once you have entered.

Doors can also be used, if left open, to lure other players into a structure. Some teams also agree on a door protocol where they leave the doors open to indicate they have ransacked the house and save teammates time.

Watch your mouth

When you play in teams, it is important that you are able to communicate quickly and efficiently. So, make sure you know the names of the main locations on the map and discuss the rally points while you skydive.

Players also develop words to quickly indicate the status of nearby enemies. “Hit” can indicate when a player has been hit to the ground. “Pushing” is a handy shorthand for moving forward. The “potato target” is one that you can use to identify an easy enemy. “Left/Right Team” can tell your teammates where other players are coming from. You can also use the compass to identify enemy positions.

weapon hierarchy

Understanding the different weapons in Fortnite is, again, critical to getting it right. Not only are there different varieties, but the color indicates how rare and powerful they are. Gray is the most common, followed by green, blue, purple, and orange.

At each of these levels the weapon’s damage per second value increases. Having a rare weapon can make all the difference in those final showdowns where every bit of health matters, so be sure to pick up any shiny rare weapons you find.

Try a no build mode

The building mechanics in Fortnite can be a bit of a barrier for new players – they’re a bit fiddly, and by the time you get to the end of matches, people tend to drop fortifications incredibly quickly.

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Fortunately, in early 2022, Epic added new permanent modes that ditch the build altogether, making for a purer Battle Royale experience, and a great way for shooter fans to get into the game without overcomplicating it. things.

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Written by Max Freeman-Mills and Andy Robertson. Edited by Britta O’Boyle.

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