Ninja on playing Phil Hellmuth and which Fortnite stars could crush poker

Ninja on playing Phil Hellmuth and which Fortnite stars could crush poker
Ninja plays poker
Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, has rediscovered his passion for poker after his recent appearance on Hustler Casino Live.

the recent Hustler Live Casino The flow of poker turned non-poker players into stars and proved that even world legends like Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan were beatable in a short amount of time at a lively table.

With online legends like YouTube sensation ‘MrBeast’, chess superstar Alexandra Botez and cash game extraordinaire Alan Keating taking their seats, it would be easy to fade into the background. However, one gamer who was never going to do that was video game legend Ninja, aka Tyler Blevins.

Reach the heights in the Hustler game

“It gave me a lot of confidence and I played better throughout the night.”

Sitting in the $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em game, the Fortnite legend made a nice profit, racking up a return of $144,300, even on this dramatic hand.

After the event, Blevins told us that the reaction to the hand, via Twitter, Tik Tok, and other social media, has been incredible.

“I haven’t been a part of a moment like this for a while!” he said. “I was very lucky to be by Hellmuth’s side. He was helping me with some decisions I was making. I almost never asked for a draw and I was proud of myself. He was giving me a lot of positive reinforcement after some of my plays. It gave me a lot of confidence and I played better throughout the night.”

After the game, Blevins took to Twitter and offered the most meme-friendly image of the year so far in poker.

Hellmuth and Blevins hit it off like a house on fire and the feeling was mutual, as we found out when we contacted Hellmuth this week. The Poker Brat confirmed to us that the two men will meet again soon.

“We started talking before we started – he told me about his charity events and I thought that was amazing,” says Blevins. “Then he told me what he was known for. I was like ‘Don’t worry about it man, I blow up all the time too!’ It was a match made in heaven being next to each other.”

Ninja’s plan works

“I found a new passion because winning or losing was having so much fun.”

If the other players were expecting Blevins to come in just for the fun of it, they would have underestimated the legend of the game.

“I was going there not to lose,” he says. “I told my friends that I was trying not to be the first out. In the back of my head, I was like ‘I could win this’. There were players who could throw Phil off, and Alexandra was one of them. Every time that happened, she thought she could do well if she got people’s readings and played smart.”

It turned out that Blevins did exactly that. Earning six figures, he may have fallen a little short of the $400,000 in earnings that both Botez and Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson took home, but it was an impressive performance nonetheless.

“Keating and Mr. Beast went all-in [a lot]. He was sitting there thinking ‘One of these guys is going to cheat on me’. If I played at an elite table with eight or nine other players, it would probably destroy me, but it would be a learning experience. I found a new passion because win or lose, I was having a lot of fun that night.”

ninja smiling
Ninja always wears a smile at the poker table and his personality seems made for the game.

Blevins and his experience in… poker?

Blevins may be known for his huge success Fortnite nicknamed Ninja, but was actually playing poker long before he picked up a game controller and gained notoriety. When he was a teenager, poker was on TV all the time. The boy who would probably become the most famous player in the world idolized Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson, among others. However, his early plans to play the game ran into problems.

“We disassembled the ping pong table and bought legitimate poker chips,” he laughs. “We had $5 or $10 tickets with all our friends. In the past, I’d make stupid calls for a straight or flush draw, even if it wasn’t an open draw.”

Blevins showed none of that naivety in the Swindler current, perhaps because of memories of his first experience playing poker when he was young.

“There was a year or two where I was paying attention and I was never good at it!” He describes. “I was lucky and always went for the draws. I would need a club and call 500 chips, you don’t do that! I won one out of ten matches and I thought that was good enough. I played online for a while and got beaten up.”

Back to the game

“I don’t consider betting on poker.”

More than a decade may seem like a long time to take a break from the game, especially since it was during that era that poker experienced its greatest period of poker growth. During that time, Blevins became a ‘Ninja’, crushed Fortnite and changed the game as an industry. Quite simply, Ninja is the most popular streamer ever in the most definitive video game of recent times. It is his competitive edge that he believes has brought him back to poker.

“I’m fine, but I don’t like losing money,” he admits. “I don’t really like gambling. I have fun and I don’t consider poker bets. I’m definitely looking forward to playing more now.”

Blevins has a renewed passion for the game that he walked away from as a youngster. In fact, he’s already playing online, but you won’t see his trademark blue hair and wide Detroit smile on any avatars…yet.

“I will remain anonymous for now,” he says with a smile. “I already opened an account on a poker website and right now I win $2,500. I bought for $1,000 and I’m up to $3,500 playing around $10/$20. It’s so good.”

Which Fortnite Players Could Play Poker?

ninja thinking
Ninja has plenty of offers to get back into poker action.

“He probably plays a little bit like Phil Hellmuth.”

If you see Fortnite, then you will know that Ninja is a great friend to many other players in the popular video game. In absolute numbers, Ninja’s followers number in the millions on YouTube and social media channels. Videos of him amassed a total of 2.49 billion views on YouTube alone. But who else from his world could join the poker party?

“I think SypherPK and CouRageJD could work,” he says. “I know CouRage plays poker and Sypher is very analytical, although he might think too much. He probably plays a bit like Phil Hellmuth. I was seeing [Hellmuth] all night and I don’t think he would go in unless he was sitting up real good. He was very methodical in the hands that he played, and I was able to pick a couple of Fortnite players that are like that.”

Blevins has received great feedback from the poker community, with Hellmuth one of many looking to Blevins to bring his ‘Ninja’ skills back to the table very soon. It seems as if the legend of the game is just as passionate about it as his new poker partners.

“I am very happy and able to take the experience. I really felt that I did well because of my gaming experience. Let’s just say I’m very happy right now.”

Could Ninja play in the World Series of Poker? We wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen, and whether he wins or loses, one thing is guaranteed. The man known as Ninja will always play with a smile on his face.

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